German, Colonia Tovar Language (gct)

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Also Known As: Aleman Coloniero,Alemán Coloneiro


Alemán Coloniero, spoken in Colonia Tovar, Venezuela, is a dialect that belongs to the Low Alemannic branch of German.

The language, like other Alemannic dialects, is not mutually intelligible with Standard German. It is spoken by descendants of Germans from the Black Forest region of Southern Baden, who emigrated to Venezuela in 1843. Most speakers also speak Spanish, and the language has also acquired some Spanish loanwords...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of German, Colonia Tovar Language Speakers


Main Country: Venezuela
Spoken In:

Regions: Americas

ISO 639-3 Code: gct

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Indo-European Group

    Germanic Group

      West Germanic Group

        High German Group

          German Group

            Upper German Group

              Alemannic Group

                German, Colonia Tovar Language