Languages Beginning With "J"

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Jabutí Language
Jad Language
Jadgali Language
Jagoi Language
Jah Hut Language
Jahanka Language
Jair Awyu Language
Jakalteko, Eastern Language
Jakalteko, Western Language
Jakati Language
Jakun Language
Jalkunan Language
Jamaican Country Sign Language
Jamaican Creole English Language
Jamamadí Language
Jamsay Dogon Language
Jamtska Language
Jandavra Language
Jangshung Language
Janji Language
Japanese Language
Japanese Sign Language
Japrería Language
Jaqaru language
Jara language
Jarai Language
Jarawa Language
Jarnango Language
Jaru Language
Jaruára Language
Jaunsari Language
Javanese Language
Javanese, Caribbean Language
Javanese, New Caledonian Language
Javindo Language
Jawe Language
Jaya Language
Jebero Language
Jeh Language
Jehai Language
Jemez Language
Jeng Language
Jere Language
Jeri Kuo Language
Jerung Language
Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Language
Jewish Palestinian Aramaic Language
Jhankot Sign Language
Jiamao Language
Jiarong Language
Jiba Language
Jibbali language
Jibu Language
Jiiddu Language
Jilbe Language
Jilim Language
Jimi Language
Jina Language
Jingpho language
Jinuo, Buyuan Language
Jinuo, Youle Language
Jirel Language
Jiru Language
Jita Language
Jju Language
Joba Language
Jofotek-Bromnya Language
Jola-Fonyi Language
Jola-Kasa Language
Jonkor Bourmataguil Language
Jordanian Sign Language
Jorto Language
Jorá Language
Jowulu Language
Ju Language
Juang Language
Judeo-Arabic Language
Judeo-Berber Language
Judeo-Crimean Tatar Language
Judeo-Georgian Language
Judeo-Italian Language
Judeo-Tat Language
Jukun Takum Language
Jula Language
Jumjum Language
Jumla Sign Language
Jumli Language
Jur Modo Language
Juray Language
Jurchen Language
Jurúna Language
Jutish Language
Juwal Language
Ju⎮'hoan Language
Jwira-Pepesa Language
Júma Language