Languages Beginning With "S"

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Sa Language
Sa'a language
Sa'ban Language
Sa'och Language
Saafi-Saafi Language
Saam Language
Saami, Akkala Language
Saami, Inari Language
Saami, Kemi Language
Saami, Kildin Language
Saami, Lule Language
Saami, North Language
Saami, Pite Language
Saami, Skolt Language
Saami, South Language
Saami, Ter Language
Saami, Ume Language
Saamia Language
Saaroa Language
Saba Language
Sabaean Language
Sabanês Language
Sabaot Language
Sabine Language
Sabu Language
Sabüm Language
Sadri Language
Sadri, Oraon Language
Saek language
Saep Language
Safaliba Language
Safeyoka Language
Safwa Language
Sagala Language
Sagalla Language
Saho language
Sahu Language
Saint Lucian Creole French Language
Saisiyat Language
Sajalong Language
Sajau Basap Language
Sakalava Malagasy Language
Sakam Language
Sakao Language
Sakapulteko Language
Sakata Language
Sake Language
Sakechep Language
Sakirabiá Language
Sala Language
Salampasu Language
Salar Language
Salas Language
Salchuq Language
Saleman Language
Saliba Language
Salinan Language
Salish, Southern Puget Sound Language
Salish, Straits Language
Sallands Language
Salt-Yui Language
Saluan, Coastal Language
Saluan, Kahumamahon Language
Salumá Language
Salvadoran Sign Language
Sam Language
Sama Language
Sama, Central Language
Sama, Pangutaran Language
Sama, Southern Language
Samaritan Aramaic language
Samaritan Language
Samarokena Language
Samatao Language
Samba Daka Language
Samba Language
Samba Leko Language
Sambal, Botolan Language
Sambal, Tinà Language
Sambe Language
Samberigi Language
Samburu Language
Samei Language
Samo Language
Samo, Matya Language
Samo, Maya Language
Samo, Southern Language
Samoan Language
Samosa Language
Sampang Language
Samre Language
Samtao Language
Samvedi Language
San Miguel Creole French Language
Sanapaná Language
Sandawe Language
Sanga Language
Sanggau Language
Sangil Language
Sangir Language
Sangisari Language
Sangkong Language
Sanglechi-Ishkashimi Language
Sango Language
Sango, Riverain Language
Sangu Language
Sanie Language
Saniyo-Hiyewe Language
Sansi Language
Sanskrit Language
Sansu Language
Santa Cruz Language
Santa Lucía Monteverde Mixtec Language
Santali Language
Sanumá Language
Sanye Language
Saparua Language
Sapo Language
Saponi Language
Saposa Language
Sapuan Language
Sapé Language
Sar Language
Sara Dunjo Language
Sara Kaba Language
Sara Language
Saramaccan language
Sarasira Language
Saraveca Language
Sardinian Language
Sardinian, Campidanese Language
Sardinian, Gallurese Language
Sardinian, Logudorese Language
Sardinian, Sassarese Language
Sarikoli Language
Sarli Language
Sarsi Language
Sartang Language
Sarua Language
Sarudu Language
Saruga Language
Sasak Language
Sasaru Language
Satawalese Language
Saterfriesisch Language
Sateré-Mawé Language
Saudi Arabian Sign Language
Sauk Language
Sauraseni Prākrit Language
Saurashtra Language
Sauri Language
Sauria Paharia language
Sause Language
Sausi Language
Savara Language
Savi Language
Savosavo Language
Sawai Language
Saweru Language
Sawi Language
Sawila Language
Sawknah Language
Saxon, Low Language
Saxon, Upper Language
Saya Language
Scanian Language
Schwyzerdütsch Language
Scots Language
Scythian Language
Sea Island Creole English Language
Seba Language
Sebat Bet Gurage Language
Seberuang Language
Sebuyau Language
Sechelt Language
Secoya Language
Sedang Language
Sedoa Language
Seeku Language
Segai Language
Seget Language
Sehwi Language
Seimat Language
Seit-Kaitetu Language
Sekani Language
Sekapan Language
Sekar Language
Seke (Nepal) Language
Seke Language
Seki Language
Seko Padang Language
Seko Tengah Language
Sekpele Language
Selako Language
Selangor Sign Language
Selaru Language
Selayar Language
Selee Language
Selepet Language
Selian Language
Selkup Language
Selungai Murut Language
Seluwasan Language
Semai Language
Semandang Language
Semaq Beri Language
Sembakung Murut Language
Semelai language
Semendo Language
Semimi Language
Semnam Language
Semnani Language
Sempan Language
Sena Language
Sena, Malawi Language
Senaya Language
Sene Language
Seneca Language
Sened Language
Sengele Language
Senggi Language
Sengo Language
Sengseng language
Senhaja de Srair language
Senoufo, Cebaara Language
Senoufo, Djimini Language
Senoufo, Mamara Language
Senoufo, Nyarafolo Language
Senoufo, Palaka Language
Senoufo, Shempire Language
Senoufo, Supyire Language
Senoufo, Syenara Language
Senoufo, Tagwana Language
Sensi Language
Sentani Language
Sentinel Language
Sepa Language
Sepen Language
Sera Language
Seraiki Language
Serawai Language
Serbian Language
Serbo-Croatian Language
Sere Language
Serer-Sine Language
Seri Language
Serili Language
Seroa language
Serrano Language
Seru Language
Serua Language
Serudung Murut Language
Serui-Laut Language
Seselwa Creole French Language
Seta Language
Setaman Language
Seti Language
Settla Language
Sewa Bay Language
Seze Language
Sha Language
Shabak Language
Shabo Language
Shahmirzadi Language
Shahrudi Language
Shakara Language
Shall-Zwall Language
Shama-Sambuga Language
Shamang Language
Shambala Language
Shan Language
Shanenawa Language
Shanga Language
Shangzhai Language
Sharanahua Language
Shark Bay Language
Sharwa Language
Shasta Language
Shatt Language
Shau Language
Shawnee Language
She Language
Shekhawati Language
Shekkacho Language
Sheko Language
Shelta Language
Shendu Language
Sheni Language
Sherbro Language
Sherdukpen Language
Sherpa Language
Shi Language
Shiki Language
Shilluk Language
Shina Language
Shina, Kohistani Language
Shinabo Language
Shipibo-Conibo Language
Shixing Language
Sholaga Language
Shom Peng Language
Shona Language
Shoo-Minda-Nye Language
Shor Language
Shoshoni Language
Shua language
Shuadit Language
Shuar Language
Shubi Language
Shughni language
Shumashti Language
Shumcho Language
Shuswap Language
Shuwa-Zamani Language
Shwai Language
Sialum Language
Siamou Language
Sian Language
Siane Language
Siang Language
Siar-Lak Language
Sibe Language
Sibu Language
Sicanian Language
Sicel Language
Sicilian Language
Siculo Arabic Language
Sidamo Language
Sidetic Language
Sie Language
Sierra Leone Sign Language
Sierra Negra Nahuatl Language
Sighu Language
Sihan Language
Sika Language
Sikaiana Language
Sikaritai Language
Sikiana language
Sikkimese Language
Sikule Language
Sila Language
Sileibi Language
Silesian Language
Silesian, Lower Language
Silimo Language
Siliput Language
Silopi Language
Silt'e Language
Simaa Language
Simba Language
Simbali Language
Simbari Language
Simbo language
Simeku Language
Simeulue Language
Simte Language
Sinagen Language
Sinasina Language
Sinaugoro Language
Sindang Kelingi Language
Sindarin Language
Sindhi Bhil Language
Sindhi Language
Singa Language
Singapore Sign Language
Singpho Language
Sinhala Language
Sininkere Language
Sinsauru Language
Sinyar Language
Sio Language
Siona Language
Sipakapense Language
Sira Language
Siraya Language
Siri Language
Siriano Language
Sirionó Language
Sirmauri Language
Siroi Language
Sisaala, Tumulung Language
Sisaala, Western Language
Sissala Language
Sissano Language
Siuslaw Language
Sivandi Language
Siwai Language
Siwi Language
Siwu language
Sizaki Language
Skagit Language
Skalvian Language
Skepi Creole Dutch Language
Skou Language
Slave (Athapascan) Language
Slavey, North Language
Slavey, South Language
Slavonic, Old Church Language
Slovak Language
Slovakian Sign Language
Slovenian language
Small Flowery Miao Language
Snohomish Language
So Language
So'a Language
Sobei Language
Soga Language
Sogdian Language
Soi Language
Sok Language
Sokoro Language
Solano Language
Soli Language
Solong Language
Solos Language
Som Language
Somali Language
Somrai Language
Somray Language
Somyev Language
Sonde Language
Songa Language
Songe Language
Songhay Language
Songhay, Koyra Chiini Language
Songhay, Koyraboro Senni Language
Songo Language
Songomeno Language
Songoora Language
Sonha Language
Sonia Language
Soninke Language
Sonsorol Language
Soo Language
Sop Language
Soqotri Language
Sora Language
Sorbian, Lower Language
Sorbian, Upper Language
Sori-Harengan Language
Sorkhei Language
Sorothaptic Language
Sorsogon, Masbate Language
Sorsogon, Waray Language
Sos Kundi Language
Sotho, Northern Language
Sotho, Southern Language
Sou Language
South African Sign Language
Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl Language
Sowa Language
Sowanda Language
Spanish Language
Spanish Sign Language
Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali Language
Spiti Bhoti Language
Spokane Language
Squamish Language
Sranan Language
Sri Lankan Creole Malay Language
Sri Lankan Sign Language
Standard Estonian Language
Standard Malay Language
Standard Mandarin
Stellingwerfs Language
Stieng, Budeh Language
Stieng, Bulo Language
Stod Bhoti Language
Stoney Language
Suabo Language
Suarmin Language
Suau Language
Suba Language
Suba-Simbiti Language
Subanen, Central Language
Subanen, Northern Language
Subanon, Kolibugan Language
Subanon, Western Language
Subanun, Lapuyan Language
Subi Language
Subiya Language
Subtiaba Language
Sudest Language
Sudovian Language
Suena Language
Suga Language
Suganga Language
Sui Language
Suki Language
Suku Language
Sukuma Language
Sukur Language
Sukurum Language
Sula Language
Sulka language
Sulod Language
Sulung Language
Suma Language
Sumariup Language
Sumau Language
Sumbawa Language
Sumbwa Language
Sumo-Mayangna Language
Sunam Language
Sunda Language
Sungkai Language
Sunwar Language
Suoy Language
Sur Language
Surajpuri Language
Surbakhal Language
Suri Language
Surigaonon Language
Sursurunga Language
Suruahá Language
Surubu Language
Suruí Language
Suruí do Pará Language
Susquehannock Language
Susu Language
Susuami Language
Suundi Language
Suwawa Language
Suyá Language
Svan language
Swabian Language
Swahili (macrolanguage) Language
Swahili Language
Swahili, Congo Language
Swati Language
Swedish Language
Swedish Sign Language
Swiss-French Sign Language
Swiss-German Sign Language
Swiss-Italian Sign Language
Sylheti Language
Syriac Language
Syriac language
Sáliba Language
Sãotomense Language
Sénoufo, Nanerigé Language
Sénoufo, Senara Language
Sénoufo, Sìcìté Language
Sô Language