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Welcome! This is an alpha test version of The Rosetta Project All Language Wiki.

This wiki was structured using data about all languages that we uploaded to Freebase, and is populated by content we pull from existing wikipedia pages. We also link to all Rosetta Project Archive material that is available in our special collection in the Internet Archive

Administrative page

Please send questions or comments to

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You can search for languages by name in the search box to the left.

Some examples:

Navigate By Language Name

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Navigate By Language Classification

Afro-Asiatic Group Alacalufan Group Algic Group
Altaic Group Amto-Musan Group Andamanese Group
Arauan Group Araucanian Group Arawakan Group
Artificial language Group Arutani-Sape Group Australian Group
Austro-Asiatic Group Austronesian Group Aymaran Group
Barbacoan Group Basque Group Bayono-Awbono Group
Caddoan Group Cahuapanan Group Cant Group
Carib Group Chapacura-Wanham Group Chibchan Group
Chimakuan Group Choco Group Chon Group
Chukotko-Kamchatkan Group Chumash Group Coahuiltecan Group
Creole Group Deaf sign language Group Dravidian Group
East Birds Head Group East Papuan Group Eskimo-Aleut Group
Geelvink Bay Group Guahiban Group Gulf Group
Harakmbet Group Hmong-Mien Group Hokan Group
Huavean Group Indo-European Group Iroquoian Group
Japanese Family Group Jivaroan Group Katukinan Group
Keres Group Khoisan Group Kiowa Tanoan Group
Kwomtari-Baibai Group Language Isolate Group Left May Group
Lower Mamberamo Group Lule-Vilela Group Macro-Ge Group
Maku Group Mascoian Group Mataco-Guaicuru Group
Mayan Group Misumalpan Group Mixe-Zoque Group
Mixed Language Group Mosetenan Group Mura Group
Muskogean Group Na-Dene Group Nambiquaran Group
Niger-Congo Group Nilo-Saharan Group North Caucasian Group
Oto-Manguean Group Paezan Group Panoan Group
Peba-Yaguan Group Penutian Group Pidgin Group
Quechuan Group Salishan Group Salivan Group
Sepik-Ramu Group Sign language Group Sino-Tibetan Group
Siouan Group Sko Family Group South Caucasian Group
Subtiaba-Tlapanec Group Tacanan Group Tai-Kadai Group
Torricelli Group Totonacan Group Trans-New Guinea Group
Tucanoan Group Tupi Group Unclassified Family Group
Uralic Group Uru-Chipaya Group Uto-Aztecan Group
Wakashan Group West Papuan Group Witotoan Group
Yanomam Group Yenisei Ostyak Group Yukaghir Group
Yuki Group Zamucoan Group Zaparoan Group