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Also Known As: Akiek,Ndorobo,Kinare,Ogiek,Akie,Okiek


Ogiek (also known as Okiek or Akiek; pronounced [oɡiɛk]) is a Southern Nilotic language cluster of the Kalenjin family spoken or once spoken by the Ogiek peoples, scattered groups of hunter-gatherers in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Most if not all Ogiek speakers have assimilated to cultures of surrounding peoples: the Akiek in northern Tanzania now speak Maasai and the Akiek of Kinare, Kenya now speak Gikuyu. Ndorobo is a term considered derogatory, occasionally used to refer to various groups of hunter-gatherers in this area, including the Ogiek.

There are three main Ogiek varieties that have been documented, though there are several dozen named Ogiek local groups:..... full article at Wikipedia

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Main Country: Kenya
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Regions: Africa

ISO 639-3 Code: oki

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