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Also Known As: Istro-romanian


Istro-Romanian is an Eastern Romance language, or a dialect of the Romanian language. Of all the Romanian languages/dialects that are spoken outside of present-day Romania, it is the closest linguistically to the official language of the country of Romania, Daco-Romanian. Istro-Romanian is today spoken in a few villages and hamlets in the peninsula of Istria, on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, in what is now Croatia. Formerly it was spoken in a substantially broader part of northeastern Istria surrounding the Ciceria (now Ćićarija) mountain range (ancient Mons Carusadius) all the way up to Trieste. Its remaining speakers call themselves Vlahi (a name given to them by Slavs), Rumeni, Rumêri or Rumâri, as well as Ćići and Ćiribiri (this last being a nickname that was used disparagingly for the Istro-Romanian language, not its speakers).

The Istro-Romanians today are split into two groups: the Ćići around Žejane (denoting the people on the north side of Mt. Učka) and the Vlahi around Šušnjevica (denoting the people on the south side of Mt. Učka (Monte Maggiore). However, despite distinctions and interjection of words from other languages which varies from village to village,..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Romanian, Istro Language Speakers


Main Country: Croatia
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Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: ruo

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