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Also Known As: Armina,Macedo-rumanian,Vlach,Arumun,Aromanian,Arumanian,Aromunian,Romanian, Macedo


Aromanian (limba armãneascã, armãneshce or armãneashti), also known as Macedo-Romanian, Arumanian or Vlach in most other countries, is an Eastern Romance language spoken in Southeastern Europe. Its speakers are called Aromanians or Vlachs (which is an exonym in widespread use to define the communities in the Balkans). It shares many features with modern Romanian, having similar morphology and syntax, as well as a large common vocabulary inherited from Latin. The most important dissimilarity between Romanian and Aromanian is the adstratum vocabulary: While Romanian has been influenced to a greater extent by the neighbouring Hungarian and Slavic languages, Aromanian has borrowed some vocabulary from the Greek language with which it has been in close contact throughout its history.

The Aromanian language and people are officially recognised as a minority in the Republic of Macedonia, but large Aromanian communities are also found in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia as well as in Romania, where some Aromanians having migrated from the Balkans after the destruction of the Aromanian centers of Moscopole and Gramostea (Grammos region-Western Macedonia) in the northern Pindus..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Romanian, Macedo Language Speakers


Main Country: Greece
Spoken In:

Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: rup

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