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Also Known As: Meglenitic,Meglenite,Romanian, Megleno


Megleno-Romanian (known as Vlăheşte by speakers and Megleno-Romanian,Moglenitic or Meglenitic by linguists) is a Romance language, similar to Aromanian and Romanian, or a dialect of the Romanian language. It is spoken in a few villages in the Moglena (Μογλενά) region of Macedonia (Greece and the Republic of Macedonia), in Romania and by a very small Muslim group in Turkey (Karadjaovalides). Spoken by the Megleno-Romanians, it is considered an endangered language. Megleno-Romanian is a member of the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family. More specifically, it is an Eastern Romance language, a language formed after the retreat of the Roman Empire from South-Eastern Europe. Some linguists consider it to be an intermediary between Romanian and Aromanian, often being considered either a dialect of Romanian, a dialect of Aromanian, or an independent language. It is much closer to standard Romanian than the Aromanian language, suggesting that it split from Proto-Romanian later than Aromanian. Megleno-Romanian is influenced a lot by South Slavic.

The term "Megleno-Romanian" has been used by linguists who noticed the similarity to the Romanian language. The Megleno-Romanians..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Romanian, Megleno Language Speakers


Main Country: Greece
Spoken In:

Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: ruq

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