Saami, Akkala Language (sia)

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Also Known As: Ahkkil,Babinsk,Babino


Akkala Sami is a Sami language that was spoken in the Sami villages of A´kkel and Ču´kksuâl, in the inland parts of the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Formerly erroneously regarded as a dialect of Kildin Sami, it has recently become recognized as an independent Sami language that is most closely related to its western neighbor Skolt Sami.

The last known speaker of Akkala Sami, Marja Sergina, died on December 29, 2003, and it is now extinct. The language remains the most poorly documented of the Sami languages...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Saami, Akkala Language Speakers


Main Country: Russia
Spoken In:

Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: sia

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Uralic Group

    Finno-Ugric Group

      Finno-Permic Group

        Finno-Cheremisic Group

          Finno-Mordvinic Group

            Finno-Lappic Group

              Lappic Group

                Central Lappic Group

                  Saami, Akkala Language