Shambala Language (ksb)

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Also Known As: Kisambaa,Sambara,Kishambaa,Shambaa,Kishambala,Sambaa,Sambala,Schambala


Shambala or Shambaa is a Bantu language of Tanzania.

Shambala, also Kishambala, (ki)Sambaa, (ki)Shambaa is spoken by the Shambaa in the Usambara mountains in the Lushoto District and Muheza District, Tanga Region, of northern Tanzania. Some dialectal variation exists between the language as spoken in the area around Lushoto and the areas around Mlalo and Mtae, possibly also between the Shambaa of the Western Usambara Mountains and the Eastern Usambara Mountains...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Shambala Language Speakers


Main Country: Tanzania
Spoken In:

Regions: Africa

ISO 639-3 Code: ksb

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Niger-Congo Group

    Atlantic-Congo Group

      Volta-Congo Group

        Benue-Congo Group

          Bantoid Group

            Southern Bantoid Group

              Narrow Bantu Group

                Central Narrow Bantu Group

                  G Group

                    Shambala (G.20) Group

                      Shambala Language