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Also Known As: Hornjoserbski,Wendish,Upper Lusatian,Hornoserbski,Obersorbisch,Haut Sorabe


Upper Sorbian (Hornjoserbšćina) is a minority language spoken in Germany in the historical province of Upper Lusatia (Hornja Łužica in Sorbian), which is today part of Saxony. It is grouped in the West Slavic language branch together with Lower Sorbian, Czech, Polish, Slovak and other languages. The history of the Upper Sorbian language in Germany began with the Slavic migrations during the 6th Century AD. Beginning in the 12th Century, there was a massive influx of rural Germanic settlers from Flanders, Saxony, Thuringia and Franconia. The succeeding devastation of the country by martial actions began the slow decrease of the Upper Sorbian language. In addition, in the Saxony region, the Sorbian language was legally subordinated to the German language. Language prohibitions were later added: In 1293, the Sorbian language was forbidden in Berne castle before the courts; in 1327 it was forbidden in Zwickau and Leipzig, and from 1424 on it was forbidden in Meissen. Further, there was the condition in many guilds of the cities of the area to accept only members of German-language origin.

However, the central areas of the Milzener and Lusitzer, in the area of the today's Lausitz, were..... full article at Wikipedia

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Main Country: Germany
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Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: hsb

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