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Also Known As: Suba,Suba language


The Suba language is the language of Kenya's Suba people. As the Suba number very few to begin with (under 30,000), and the majority have begun speaking Dholuo (the language of the neighbouring Luo people) as their main language, Suba is on the verge of extinction. The remaining speakers are mostly elderly residents on the island of Mfangano. However, efforts have been made to renew teaching of the language (as of 2004), with a goal of having half the Suba population speaking the language within ten years.

There are Suba people in Tarime District of Mara Region, Tanzania speaking a language they call "Suba". It is as yet unclear as to whether this is the same language as the Suba spoken in Kenya...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Suba Language Speakers

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Main Country: Kenya
Spoken In:

Regions: Africa

ISO 639-3 Code: suh

Classification Taxonomy

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  Niger-Congo Group

    Atlantic-Congo Group

      Volta-Congo Group

        Benue-Congo Group

          Bantoid Group

            Southern Bantoid Group

              Narrow Bantu Group

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                  E Group

                    Kuria (E.10) Group

                      Suba Language