Aka-Jeru language (akj)

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Also Known As: Aka-Jeru Language,Jeru,Yerawa


Aka-Jeru (also known as Jeru, Yerawa) is a Great Andamanese language, of the Northern group. There is some dispute as to whether Jeru is extinct. Although the first referenced website below gives Jeru's status as extinct, The website Phenomenica reports that Jeru is not extinct and is spoken by about 20 people. The Andaman website andamanese.net reports 7 speakers. It is/was spoken in the interior and south coast of North Andaman and on Sound Island. Present Great Andamanese is a creole based on Aka-Jeru...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Aka-Jeru language Speakers



Main Country: India
Spoken In:

Regions: Asia

ISO 639-3 Code: akj

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