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Also Known As: Jaqaru Language,Haqaru,Haqearu,Aru,Haq'aru


Jaqaru and Kawki are languages that belong to the Jaqi family of languages (also known as Aymara or Aru), to which Altiplano Aymara also belongs. It is spoken in the districts of Tupe and Catahuasi in the province of Yauyos, within the Peruvian department of Lima. Though some researchers have grouped Jaqaru and Kawki together as varieties of the same language, Dr. M. J. Hardman has found much evidence to suggest that the two are in fact separate languages. While Hardman initially believed the two languages to be one in the same, she discovered through fieldwork with speakers of both languages that the two, while sharing a degree of mutual intelligibility, are not the same. Native speakers of one language were unable to understand tape recordings of people speaking the other, and in cases of marriages between Kawki and Jaqaru speakers, the home language was Spanish. Historical analysis shows that the two languages were out of contact with one another for a period of time, and only since coming back into contact with one another have commonalities been found that have led some to surmise that Jaqaru and Kawki are the same language.

There exist clear differences between Jaqaru and..... full article at Wikipedia

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Main Country: Peru
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Regions: Americas

ISO 639-3 Code: jqr

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