Languages Beginning With "E"

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E Language
E'ma Buyang Language
Early Tripuri Language
Ebira Language
Eblan Language
Ebrié Language
Ebughu Language
Ecuadorian Sign Language
Ede Cabe Language
Ede Ica Language
Ede Idaca Language
Ede Ije Language
Ede Nago Language
Ede Nago, Manigri-Kambolé Language
Edera Awyu Language
Edo Language
Edolo Language
Edomite Language
Edopi Language
Efai Language
Efate, North Language
Efate, South Language
Efe Language
Efik Language
Efutop Language
Eggon Language
Egypt Sign Language
Egyptian (Ancient) Language
Ehueun Language
Eipomek Language
Eitiep Language
Ejagham Language
Ejamat Language
Ekajuk Language
Ekari Language
Eki Language
Ekit Language
Ekpeye Language
El Hugeirat Language
El Molo Language
Elamite Language
Eleme Language
Elepi Language
Elip Language
Elkei Language
Eloyi Language
Elpaputih Language
Elseng Language
Elu Language
Elymian Language
Emae Language
Emai-Iuleha-Ora Language
Eman Language
Embaloh Language
Emberá, Northern Language
Emberá-Baudó Language
Emberá-Catío Language
Emberá-Chamí Language
Emberá-Tadó Language
Embu Language
Emerillon Language
Emilian Language
Emiliano-Romagnolo Language
Emok Language
Emplawas Language
Emumu Language
En Language
Enawené-Nawé Language
Ende Language
Endo Language
Enets, Forest Language
Enets, Tundra Language
Enga language
Engenni Language
Enggano Language
English Language
Enim Language
Enrekang Language
Enu Language
Enwan Language
Enya Language
Epena Language
Epi-Olmec Language
Epie Language
Epigraphic Mayan Language
Eravallan Language
Erave Language
Ere Language
Eritai Language
Erokwanas Language
Erre Language
Ersu Language
Eruwa Language
Erzya Language
Esan Language
Ese Ejja Language
Ese Language
Eshtehardi Language
Esimbi Language
Esperanto Language
Esselen Language
Estonian Language
Estonian Sign Language
Esuma Language
Etchemin Language
Etebi Language
Eten Language
Eteocretan Language
Eteocypriot Language
Ethiopian Sign Language
Etkywan Language
Eton Language
Etulo Language
Europanto Language
Evant Language
Even Language
Evenki Language
Ewage-Notu Language
Ewondo language
Extremaduran Language
Eyak Language
Eñepa Language