Languages Beginning With "F"

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Fa D'ambu Language
Fagani language
Faita Language
Faiwol Language
Fala Language
Falam Chin Language
Fali Language
Fali of Baissa Language
Fali, North Language
Fali, South Language
Faliscan Language
Fam Language
Fanagalo Language
Fang (Cameroon) Language
Fang Language
Fania Language
Fanti Language
Farefare Language
Fars, Northwestern Language
Fars, Southwestern Language
Farsi, Eastern Language
Farsi, Western Language
Fas Language
Fasu Language
Fataleka Language
Fataluku Language
Fayu Language
Fe'fe' Language
Fembe Language
Fernando Po Creole English Language
Feroge Language
Fijian Language
Fijian, Western Language
Filipino Language
Finallig Language
Finland-Swedish Sign Language
Finnish Language
Finnish Sign Language
Finnish, Kven Language
Finnish, Tornedalen Language
Finongan Language
Fipa Language
Firan Language
Fiwaga Language
Flinders Island Language
Foau Language
Foi Language
Foia Foia Language
Folopa Language
Foma Language
Fon Language
Fongoro Language
Foodo Language
Forak Language
Fordata Language
Fore Language
Fortsenal Language
Franco-Provençal Language
Frankish Language
French Belgian Sign Language
French Language
French Sign Language
French, Cajun Language
Frisian, Eastern Language
Frisian, Northern Language
Frisian, Western Language
Friulian Language
Fulfulde, Adamawa Language
Fulfulde, Bagirmi Language
Fulfulde, Borgu Language
Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger Language
Fulfulde, Maasina Language
Fulfulde, Nigerian Language
Fulfulde, Western Niger Language
Fuliiru Language
Fulniô Language
Fum Language
Fungwa Language
Fur Language
Furu Language
Futuna, East Language
Futuna-Aniwa Language
Fuyug Language
Fwe Language
Fwâi Language
Fyam Language
Fyer Language