Languages Beginning With "H"

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Ha Language
Habu Language
Hadiyya Language
Hadrami Language
Hadza language
Haeke Language
Hahon Language
Haida Language
Haida, Northern Language
Haida, Southern Language
Haigwai Language
Haiphong Sign Language
Haisla Language
Haitian Creole French Language
Haitian Vodoun Culture Language
Hai⎮⎮om Language
Haji Language
Hajong language
Hakö Language
Halang Doan Language
Halang Language
Halbi Language
Halia Language
Halkomelem Language
Hamap Language
Hamba Language
Hamer-Banna Language
Hamtai Language
Han Language
Hanga Hundi Language
Hanga Language
Hangaza Language
Hani Language
Hano Language
Hanoi Sign Language
Hanunoo language
Harami Language
Harari Language
Harauti language
Haroi Language
Harsusi language
Haruai Language
Haruku Language
Haryanvi Language
Harzani Language
Hasha Language
Hassaniyya Language
Hatam Language
Hattic Language
Hausa Language
Hausa Sign Language
Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai Language
Haveke Language
Havu Language
Hawai'i Creole English Language
Hawai'i Pidgin Sign Language
Hawaiian Language
Haya Language
Hazaragi Language
Hdi Language
Hebrew language
Hebrew, Ancient Language
Hehe Language
Heiban Language
Heiltsuk Language
Helambu Sherpa Language
Helong Language
Hema Language
Hemba Language
Herdé Language
Herero Language
Hermit Language
Hernican Language
Hewa Language
Heyo Language
Hiberno-Scottish Gaelic Language
Hibito Language
Hidatsa Language
Hieroglyphic Luwian Language
Higaonon Language
Hijuk Language
Hiligaynon language
Himarimã Language
Hindi Language
Hindko, Northern Language
Hindko, Southern Language
Hinduri Language
Hindustani, Caribbean Language
Hindustani, Fijian Language
Hinukh language
Hittite Language
Hitu Language
Hiw Language
Hixkaryána Language
Hlai Language
Hlepho Phowa Language
Hlersu Language
Hmar Language
Hmong Daw Language
Hmong Don Language
Hmong Dô Language
Hmong Language
Hmong Njua Language
Hmong Shua Language
Hmong, Central Huishui Language
Hmong, Central Mashan Language
Hmong, Chonganjiang Language
Hmong, Eastern Huishui Language
Hmong, Eastern Qiandong Language
Hmong, Eastern Xiangxi Language
Hmong, Luopohe Language
Hmong, Northeastern Dian Language
Hmong, Northern Guiyang Language
Hmong, Northern Huishui Language
Hmong, Northern Mashan Language
Hmong, Northern Qiandong Language
Hmong, Southern Guiyang Language
Hmong, Southern Mashan Language
Hmong, Southern Qiandong Language
Hmong, Southwestern Guiyang Language
Hmong, Southwestern Huishui Language
Hmong, Western Mashan Language
Hmong, Western Xiangxi Language
Hmwaveke Language
Ho Chi Minh City Sign Language
Ho Language
Ho-Chunk Language
Hoava language
Hobyót Language
Hoia Hoia Language
Holikachuk Language
Holiya Language
Holma Language
Holoholo Language
Holu Language
Homa Language
Honduras Sign Language
Hong Kong Sign Language
Honi Language
Hopi Language
Horned Miao Language
Horo Language
Horom Language
Horpa Language
Horuru Language
Hote Language
Hoti Language
Hovongan Language
Hoyahoya Language
Hozo Language
Hpon Language
Hrangkhol Language
Hre Language
Hruso Language
Hu Language
Huachipaeri Language
Huambisa Language
Huarijio Language
Huastec, San Luís Potosí Language
Huastec, Southeastern Language
Huastec, Veracruz Language
Huaulu Language
Huave, San Dionisio del Mar Language
Huave, San Francisco del Mar Language
Huave, San Mateo del Mar Language
Huave, Santa María del Mar Language
Huba Language
Huichol Language
Huilliche Language
Huitoto, Minica Language
Huitoto, Murui Language
Huitoto, Nüpode Language
Hukumina Language
Hula Language
Hulaulá Language
Huli Language
Hulung Language
Humene Language
Humla Language
Hun-Saare Language
Hunde Language
Hung Language
Hungana Language
Hungarian Sign Language
Hungworo Language
Hunjara-Kaina Ke Language
Hunnic Language
Hunsrik Language
Hunzib Language
Hupa Language
Hupdë Language
Hupla Language
Hurrian Language
Hwana language
Hya Language
Hyam Language
Hértevin Language
Hõne Language