Languages Beginning With "L"

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La'bi Language
Laal language
Laari Language
Laba Language
Label Language
Labir Language
Labo Language
Labo Phowa Language
Labu Language
Lacandon Language
Lachi Language
Lachi, White Language
Ladakhi Language
Ladin Language
Ladino Language
Laeko-Libuat Language
Lafofa Language
Laghu Language
Laghuu Language
Lagwan Language
Laha Language
Lahanan Language
Lahnda Language
Lahu Language
Lahu Shi Language
Laimbue Language
Laiyolo Language
Lak Language
Laka Language
Lakalei Language
Lakha Language
Laki Language
Lakkia Language
Lakona Language
Lakondê Language
Lakota Language
Lala Language
Lala-Bisa Language
Lala-Roba Language
Lalia Language
Lalu, Eastern Language
Lalu, Western Language
Lama Language
Lamaholot Language
Lamalera Language
Lamam Language
Lamang Language
Lamatuka Language
Lamba Language
Lambadi Language
Lambichhong Language
Lamboya Language
Lambya Language
Lame Language
Lamenu Language
Lamet Language
Lamja-Dengsa-Tola Language
Lamkang Language
Lamma Language
Lamnso' Language
Lamogai language
Lampung Language
Lamu Language
Lamu-Lamu Language
Landoma Language
Lang'e Language
Langam Language
Langbashe Language
Langi Language
Langnian Buyang Language
Lango Language
Langobardic Language
Languedocien Language
Lanoh Language
Lantanai Language
Lao Language
Laomian Language
Laopang Language
Laos Sign Language
Lara' Language
Laragia Language
Larantuka Malay Language
Lardil language
Larevat Language
Lari Language
Larike-Wakasihu Language
Laro Language
Larteh Language
Lasalimu Language
Lasgerdi Language
Lashi Language
Lasi Language
Late Middle Chinese Language
Latin Language
Latu Language
Latundê Language
Latvian Language
Latvian Sign Language
Lau Language
Laua Language
Lauan language
Lauje Language
Laura Language
Laurentian Language
Lavatbura-Lamusong Language
Lave Language
Laven Language
Lavukaleve Language
Lawa, Eastern Language
Lawa, Western Language
Lawangan Language
Lawunuia Language
Layakha Language
Laz Language
Leco Language
Leelau Language
Lefa Language
Lega-Mwenga Language
Lega-Shabunda Language
Legbo Language
Legenyem Language
Lehali Language
Lehalurup Language
Lehar Language
Leinong Naga Language
Leipon Language
Lelak Language
Lele Language
Lelemi Language
Lelepa Language
Lematang Language
Lembak Language
Lembata, South Language
Lembata, West Language
Lembena Language
Lemerig Language
Lemio Language
Lemnian Language
Lemolang Language
Lemoro Language
Lenakel Language
Lenca language
Lendu Language
Lengilu Language
Lengo Language
Lengola Language
Lengua Language
Leningitij Language
Lenje Language
Lenkau Language
Lenyima Language
Lepcha Language
Lepki Language
Lepontic Language
Lere Language
Lese Language
Lesing-Gelimi Language
Letemboi Language
Leti Language
Levuka Language
Lewo Eleng Language
Lewo Language
Lewotobi Language
Leyigha Language
Lezgi Language
Lhokpu Language
Lhomi Language
Li'o Language
Liabuku Language
Liana-Seti Language
Lianshan Zhuang Language
Liberian English Language
Libido Language
Libinza Language
Liburnian Language
Libyan Sign Language
Ligbi Language
Ligenza Language
Ligurian (Ancient) Language
Ligurian Language
Lihir language
Lijili Language
Lika Language
Liki Language
Likila Language
Likuba Language
Likum Language
Likwala Language
Lilau Language
Lillooet Language
Limassa Language
Limba, East Language
Limba, West-Central Language
Limbu Language
Limbum Language
Limburgan Language
Limi Language
Limilngan Language
Limousin Language
Lindu Language
Linear A Language
Lingala Language
Lingao Language
Lingarak Language
Lingkhim Language
Lingua Franca Language
Lingua Franca Nova Language
Lintang Language
Lipo Language
Lisabata-Nuniali Language
Lisela Language
Lish Language
Lishana Deni Language
Lishanid Noshan Language
Lishán Didán Language
Lisu Language
Literary Chinese Language
Lithuanian Sign Language
Lithuanian language
Litzlitz Language
Liujiang Zhuang Language
Liuqian Zhuang Language
Liv Language
Livvi Language
Loarki Language
Lobala Language
Lobi Language
Lobu, Lanas Language
Lobu, Tampias Language
Lodhi Language
Logba Language
Logo Language
Logol Language
Logooli Language
Logorik Language
Lohar, Gade Language
Lohar, Lahul Language
Lokaa Language
Loko language
Lokoya Language
Lola Language
Lolak Language
Lole Language
Lolo Language
Loloda Language
Lolopo, Southern Language
Lom Language
Loma Language
Lomaiviti Language
Lomavren language
Lombard Language
Lombi Language
Lombo Language
Lomwe Language
Loncong Language
Long Phuri Naga Language
Longgu Language
Longto Language
Longuda Language
Loniu Language
Lonwolwol Language
Lonzo Language
Loo Language
Lopa Language
Lopi Language
Lopit Language
Lorang Language
Lorediakarkar Language
Lorung, Northern Language
Lorung, Southern Language
Lote Language
Lotud Language
Lou Language
Louisiana Creole French Language
Loun language
Loup A Language
Loup B Language
Lowa Language
Lozi Language
Lua' Language
Luang Language
Luba-Kasai Language
Luba-Katanga language
Lubila Language
Lubu Language
Luchazi Language
Lucumi Language
Ludian Language
Lufu Language
Lugbara Language
Luguru Language
Luhu Language
Lui Language
Luimbi Language
Luiseño Language
Lukpa Language
Lumba-Yakkha Language
Lumbee Language
Lumbu Language
Lumun Language
Luna Language
Lunanakha Language
Lunda Language
Lundayeh Language
Lungga Language
Luo Language
Luri Language
Luri, Northern Language
Luri, Southern Language
Lusengo Language
Lushootseed Language
Lusi Language
Lusitanian Language
Lutos Language
Luvale Language
Luwati Language
Luwo Language
Luxembourgeois Language
Luyana Language
Luyia Language
Lwalu Language
Lycian Language
Lydian Language
Lyngngam Language
Lyons Sign Language
Lyélé Language
Láadan Language
Lü Language