Languages Beginning With "N"

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N'Ko Language
Na Language
Naaba Language
Naasioi Language
Naba Language
Nabak Language
Nabi Language
Nachering Language
Nadruvian Language
Nadëb Language
Nafaanra language
Nafi Language
Nafri Language
Nafusi language
Naga Pidgin Language
Naga, Angami Language
Naga, Ao Language
Naga, Chang Language
Naga, Chokri Language
Naga, Chothe Language
Naga, Inpui Language
Naga, Khezha Language
Naga, Khiamniungan Language
Naga, Khoibu Language
Naga, Konyak Language
Naga, Liangmai Language
Naga, Lotha Language
Naga, Mao Language
Naga, Maram Language
Naga, Maring Language
Naga, Monsang Language
Naga, Moyon Language
Naga, Mzieme Language
Naga, Nocte Language
Naga, Northern Rengma Language
Naga, Phom Language
Naga, Pochuri Language
Naga, Poumei Language
Naga, Puimei Language
Naga, Rongmei Language
Naga, Sangtam Language
Naga, Southern Rengma Language
Naga, Sumi Language
Naga, Tangkhul Language
Naga, Tarao Language
Naga, Tase Language
Naga, Thangal Language
Naga, Wancho Language
Naga, Yimchungru Language
Naga, Zeme Language
Nagarchal Language
Nage Language
Nagumi Language
Nahali Language
Nahari Language
Nahuatl, Central Huasteca Language
Nahuatl, Central Language
Nahuatl, Central Puebla Language
Nahuatl, Classical Language
Nahuatl, Coatepec Language
Nahuatl, Durango Language
Nahuatl, Eastern Huasteca Language
Nahuatl, Guerrero Language
Nahuatl, Highland Puebla Language
Nahuatl, Huaxcaleca Language
Nahuatl, Isthmus-Cosoleacaque Language
Nahuatl, Isthmus-Mecayapan Language
Nahuatl, Isthmus-Pajapan Language
Nahuatl, Michoacán Language
Nahuatl, Morelos Language
Nahuatl, Northern Oaxaca Language
Nahuatl, Northern Puebla Language
Nahuatl, Ometepec Language
Nahuatl, Orizaba Language
Nahuatl, Santa María la Alta Language
Nahuatl, Southeastern Puebla Language
Nahuatl, Tabasco Language
Nahuatl, Temascaltepec Language
Nahuatl, Tenango Language
Nahuatl, Tetelcingo Language
Nahuatl, Tlalitzlipa Language
Nahuatl, Tlamacazapa Language
Nahuatl, Western Huasteca Language
Nai Language
Naka'ela Language
Nakai Language
Nakama Language
Nakanai Language
Nakara Language
Nake Language
Naki Language
Nakwi Language
Nalca Language
Nali Language
Nalik Language
Nalu Language
Naluo Yi Language
Nalögo Language
Nama (Papua New Guinea) Language
Nama Language
Namakura Language
Namat Language
Nambas, Big Language
Nambikuára, Northern Language
Nambikuára, Southern Language
Nambo Language
Nambya Language
Name Language
Namia Language
Namiae Language
Namibian Sign Language
Namla Language
Namo Language
Namonuito Language
Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua language
Namuyi Language
Nanai Language
Nancere Language
Nande Language
Nandi Language
Nanggu Language
Nangikurrunggurr Language
Nankina Language
Nanti Language
Nanticoke Language
Nanubae Language
Napoletano-Calabrese Language
Napu Language
Nar Phu Language
Nara Language
Narak Language
Narango Language
Narau Language
Narim Language
Naro Language
Narom Language
Narrinyeri Language
Narungga Language
Nasal Language
Nasarian Language
Naskapi Language
Natagaimas Language
Natanzi Language
Natchez Language
Nateni Language
Nathembo Language
Natioro Language
Natügu Language
Nauete Language
Nauna Language
Nauruan Language
Navajo Language
Navut Language
Nawaru Language
Nawathinehena Language
Nawdm Language
Nawuri Language
Naxi Language
Nayi Language
Nayini Language
Ncane Language
Nchumbulu Language
Nda'nda' Language
Ndai Language
Ndaka Language
Ndaktup Language
Ndali Language
Ndam Language
Ndamba Language
Ndasa Language
Ndau Language
Nde-Gbite Language
Nde-Nsele-Nta Language
Ndebele Language
Ndemli Language
Ndendeule Language
Ndengereko Language
Nding Language
Ndo Language
Ndobo Language
Ndoe Language
Ndogo Language
Ndolo Language
Ndom Language
Ndombe Language
Ndonde Hamba Language
Ndonga Language
Ndoola Language
Nduga Language
Ndumu Language
Ndun Language
Ndunda Language
Ndunga Language
Ndut Language
Ndyuka-Trio Pidgin Language
Ndzwani Comorian Language
Nedebang Language
Nefamese Language
Negerhollands Language
Negeri Sembilan Malay language
Negidal Language
Nehan Language
Nek Language
Nekgini Language
Neko Language
Neku Language
Neme Language
Nemi Language
Nen Language
Nend Language
Nenets Language
Nengone Language
Neo-Aramaic, Western Language
Neo-Hittite Language
Nepalese Sign Language
Nepali Language
Nete Language
New Zealand Sign Language
Newar Language
Neyo Language
Nez Perce Language
Nga La Language
Ngaanyatjarra Language
Ngad'a Language
Ngad'a, Eastern Language
Ngadjunmaya Language
Ngaing Language
Ngaju Language
Ngala Language
Ngalakan Language
Ngalkbun Language
Ngalum Language
Ngam Language
Ngamambo Language
Ngambay Language
Ngamini Language
Ngamo Language
Nganasan Language
Ngandi Language
Ngando Language
Ngandyera Language
Ngangam Language
Nganyaywana Language
Ngarinman Language
Ngarinyin Language
Ngarla Language
Ngarluma Language
Ngas Language
Ngasa Language
Ngatik Men's Creole Language
Ngawun Language
Ngbaka Language
Ngbaka Ma'bo Language
Ngbaka Manza Language
Ngbandi, Northern Language
Ngbandi, Southern Language
Ngbee Language
Ngbinda Language
Ngbundu Language
Ngelima Language
Ngemba Language
Ngeq Language
Ngete Language
Nggem Language
Nggwahyi Language
Ngie Language
Ngiemboon Language
Ngile Language
Ngindo Language
Ngiti Language
Ngizim Language
Ngom Language
Ngomba Language
Ngombale Language
Ngombe Language
Ngong Language
Ngongo Language
Ngoshie Language
Ngul Language
Ngulu Language
Nguluwan Language
Ngumba Language
Ngumbi Language
Ngundi Language
Ngundu Language
Ngungwel Language
Ngura Language
Ngurimi Language
Ngurmbur Language
Nguôn Language
Ngwaba Language
Ngwe Language
Ngwo Language
Ngäbere Language
Nhanda Language
Nhengatu Language
Nhuwala Language
Nias Language
Nicaragua Creole English Language
Nicaraguan Sign Language
Nicobarese, Car Language
Nicobarese, Central Language
Nicobarese, Southern Language
Niellim Language
Nigerian Sign Language
Nihali Language
Nii Language
Nijadali Language
Niksek Language
Nila Language
Nilamba Language
Nimadi Language
Nimanbur Language
Nimbari Language
Nimboran Language
Nimi Language
Nimo Language
Nimoa Language
Ninam Language
Nindi Language
Ningera Language
Ninggerum Language
Ningil Language
Ningye Language
Ninzo Language
Nipsan Language
Nisa Language
Nisenan Language
Nisga'a Language
Nisi (China) Language
Nisi Language
Nisu, Northern Language
Nisu, Southern Language
Nisu, Southwestern Language
Niuafo'ou Language
Niuatoputapu Language
Niue Language
Nivaclé Language
Njalgulgule Language
Njebi Language
Njen Language
Njerep Language
Njyem Language
Nkangala Language
Nkari Language
Nkem-Nkum Language
Nkhumbi Language
Nkongho Language
Nkonya Language
Nkoroo Language
Nkoya Language
Nkukoli Language
Nkutu Language
Nnam Language
Nobiin Language
Nobonob Language
Nocamán Language
Nogai Language
Noiri Language
Nokuku Language
Nomaande Language
Nomane Language
Nomatsiguenga Language
Nomu Language
Nong Zhuang Language
Nooksack Language
Noon Language
Noone Language
Nootka Language
Noric Language
Norn Language
Norra Language
Norwegian Language
Norwegian Sign Language
Norwegian, Traveller Language
Notre Language
Notsi Language
Nottoway Language
Nottoway-Meherrin Language
Novial Language
Noy Language
Nsari Language
Nsenga Language
Nshi Language
Nsongo Language
Ntcham Language
Ntomba Language
Nuaulu, North Language
Nuaulu, South Language
Nubaca Language
Nubi language
Nubri Language
Nuer Language
Nugunu Language
Nuk Language
Nukak Makú Language
Nukna Language
Nukuini Language
Nukumanu Language
Nukuoro Language
Nukuria Language
Numana-Nunku-Gbantu-Numbu Language
Numanggang Language
Numbami Language
Nume Language
Numee Language
Numidian Language
Nung Language
Nungali Language
Nunggubuyu Language
Nungu Language
Nuni, Northern Language
Nuni, Southern Language
Nupbikha Language
Nupe-Nupe-Tako Language
Nusa Laut Language
Nusu Language
Nyabwa language
Nyadu Language
Nyaheun Language
Nyahkur Language
Nyakyusa-Ngonde Language
Nyala, East Language
Nyali Language
Nyam Language
Nyamal Language
Nyambo Language
Nyamusa-Molo Language
Nyamwanga Language
Nyamwezi Language
Nyaneka Language
Nyang'i Language
Nyanga Language
Nyanga-li Language
Nyangatom Language
Nyangbo Language
Nyangga Language
Nyangumarta Language
Nyanja Language
Nyankore Language
Nyaturu Language
Nyaw Language
Nyawaygi Language
Nyemba Language
Nyeng Language
Nyengo Language
Nyenkha Language
Nyeu Language
Nyigina Language
Nyiha (Malawi) Language
Nyiha Language
Nyika (Malawi and Zambia) Language
Nyika (Tanzania) Language
Nyindrou Language
Nyindu Language
Nyole language
Nyong Language
Nyore Language
Nyoro Language
Nyulnyul Language
Nyunga Language
Nyungwe Language
Nyâlayu Language
Nzakambay Language
Nzakara Language
Nzanyi Language
Nzema Language
Ná-Meo Language
N⎮u Language