Languages Beginning With "T"

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T'en Language
Ta'oih, Lower Language
Ta'oih, Upper Language
Taabwa Language
Tabaru Language
Tabassaran Language
Tabla Language
Tabo Language
Tabriak Language
Tacana Language
Tacanec Language
Tachawit Language
Tachelhit Language
Tachoni Language
Tadaksahak Language
Tadyawan Language
Tae' Language
Tafi Language
Tagabawa Language
Tagal Murut Language
Tagalog language
Tagargrent Language
Tagbanwa Language
Tagbanwa, Calamian Language
Tagbanwa, Central Language
Tagbu Language
Tagdal Language
Tagish Language
Tagoi Language
Tahitian Language
Tahltan Language
Tai Daeng Language
Tai Dam language
Tai Do Language
Tai Dón Language
Tai Hang Tong Language
Tai Hongjin Language
Tai Language
Tai Loi Language
Tai Long Language
Tai Mène Language
Tai Nüa Language
Tai Pao Language
Tai Thanh Language
Tai Ya Language
Taiap Language
Taikat Language
Tainae Language
Taino Language
Tairora, North Language
Tairora, South Language
Tairuma Language
Taita Language
Taiwan Sign Language
Taje Language
Tajiki Language
Tajio Language
Tajuasohn Language
Takelma Language
Takestani Language
Takia language
Takpa Language
Takua Language
Takuu Language
Takwane Language
Tal Language
Tala Language
Talai Language
Talaud Language
Taliabu Language
Talieng Language
Talinga-Bwisi Language
Talise Language
Talodi Language
Taloki Language
Talondo' Language
Talu Language
Talur Language
Talysh language
Tama Language
Tamagario Language
Tamahaq, Tahaggart Language
Tamajaq, Tawallammat Language
Tamajeq, Tayart Language
Taman Language
Tamanaku Language
Tamang, Eastern Gorkha Language
Tamang, Eastern Language
Tamang, Northwestern Language
Tamang, Southwestern Language
Tamang, Western Language
Tamashek Language
Tamasheq Language
Tamazight, Central Atlas Language
Tamazight, Temacine Language
Tamazight, Tidikelt Language
Tambas Language
Tambora Language
Tambotalo Language
Tami Language
Tamil Language
Tamki Language
Tampuan Language
Tampulma Language
Tanacross Language
Tanahmerah Language
Tanaina Language
Tanana, Lower Language
Tanana, Upper Language
Tanapag Language
Tandia Language
Tandroy-Mahafaly Malagasy Language
Tanema Language
Tangale Language
Tangchangya Language
Tangga Language
Tanggu Language
Tangko Language
Tanglang Language
Tangoa Language
Tangshewi language
Tanguat Language
Tangut Language
Tanimbili Language
Tanimuca-Retuarã Language
Tanjijili Language
Tanjong Language
Tanna, North Language
Tanna, Southwest Language
Tanosy Malagasy Language
Tanzanian Sign Language
Tapeba Language
Tapei Language
Tapieté Language
Tapirapé Language
Tarahumara, Central Language
Tarahumara, Lowland Language
Tarahumara, Northern Language
Tarahumara, Southeastern Language
Tarahumara, Southwestern Language
Tarangan, East Language
Tarangan, West Language
Tareng Language
Tariano Language
Tarifit Language
Tarok Language
Taroko Language
Taromi, Upper Language
Tarpia Language
Tartessian Language
Tasawaq Language
Tasmanian Language
Tasmate Language
Tat, Muslim Language
Tatana Language
Tatar Language
Tatuyo Language
Tauade Language
Taulil Language
Taungyo Language
Taupota Language
Tause language
Taushiro Language
Tausug Language
Tauya Language
Taveta Language
Tavoyan Language
Tawala Language
Tawandê Language
Tawang Monpa Language
Tawara Language
Tawbuid, Eastern Language
Tawbuid, Western Language
Taworta Language
Tawoyan Language
Tay Boi Language
Tay Khang Language
Tayo Language
Taznatit Language
Tboli Language
Tchitchege Language
Tchumbuli Language
Te'un Language
Teanu Language
Tebilung Language
Tebul Sign Language
Tebul Ure Dogon Language
Tecpatlán Totonac Language
Tedaga Language
Tee Language
Tefaro Language
Tegali Language
Tehit Language
Tehuelche Language
Teke, Ibali Language
Teke-Eboo Language
Teke-Fuumu Language
Teke-Kukuya Language
Teke-Laali Language
Teke-Nzikou Language
Teke-Tege Language
Teke-Tsaayi Language
Teke-Tyee Language
Tektiteko Language
Tela-Masbuar Language
Telefol Language
Telugu Language
Teluti Language
Tem Language
Tembo Language
Tembé Language
Teme Language
Temein Language
Temi Language
Temiar Language
Temoq Language
Temuan language
Tene Kan Dogon Language
Tengger Language
Tenharim Language
Tenino Language
Tenis Language
Tennet Language
Teop Language
Teor Language
Tepecano Language
Tepehua, Huehuetla Language
Tepehua, Pisaflores Language
Tepehua, Tlachichilco Language
Tepehuan, Northern Language
Tepehuan, Southeastern Language
Tepehuan, Southwestern Language
Tera Language
Terebu Language
Terei Language
Teressa Language
Tereweng Language
Teribe language
Terik Language
Termanu Language
Ternate Language
Ternateño Language
Terêna Language
Tese Language
Teshenawa Language
Teso Language
Tetela Language
Tetete Language
Tetun Dili Language
Tetun Language
Tewa Language
Tewe Language
Tha Language
Thachanadan Language
Thai Language
Thai Sign Language
Thai Song Language
Thai, Northeastern Language
Thai, Northern Language
Thai, Southern Language
Thakali Language
Thangmi Language
Thao Language
Tharaka Language
Tharu, Chitwania Language
Tharu, Dangaura Language
Tharu, Kathoriya Language
Tharu, Kochila Language
Tharu, Rana Language
Thayore Language
Thaypan Language
The Language
Themne Language
Tho Language
Thompson Language
Thopho Language
Thracian Language
Thu Lao Language
Thudam Language
Thulung language
Thurawal Language
Thuri Language
Tiale Language
Tiang Language
Tibea Language
Tibetan, Amdo Language
Tibetan, Central Language
Tibetan, Khams Language
Tichurong Language
Ticuna language
Tidong Language
Tidore Language
Tiene Language
Tifal Language
Tigak language
Tigrigna Language
Tigré Language
Tii Language
Tikar Language
Tikopia Language
Tillamook Language
Tilung Language
Tima Language
Timbe Language
Timucua Language
Timugon Murut Language
Tinani Language
Tindi Language
Tingal Language
Tingui-Boto Language
Tinigua Language
Tinputz Language
Tippera Language
Tira Language
Tirahi Language
Tiri Language
Tiruray Language
Tita Language
Titan Language
Tiv Language
Tiwa Language
Tiwa, Northern Language
Tiwa, Southern Language
Tiwi Language
Tiéfo Language
Tjurruru Language
Tlacoapa Me'phaa Language
Tlapanec, Acatepec Language
Tlapanec, Azoyú Language
Tlazoyaltepec Mixtec Language
Tlingit Language
To Language
To'abaita Language
Toala' Language
Toaripi Language
Toba Language
Toba-Maskoy Language
Tobagonian Creole English Language
Tobanga Language
Tobati Language
Tobelo Language
Tobian Language
Tobo Language
Tocho Language
Toda Language
Todrah Language
Tofanma Language
Toga Language
Togoyo Language
Tojolabal Language
Tok Pisin Language
Tokano Language
Tokelauan language
Tokharian A Language
Tokharian B Language
Toku-No-Shima Language
Tol Language
Tolaki Language
Tolomako Language
Tolowa Language
Toma Language
Tomadino Language
Tombelala Language
Tombonuwo Language
Tombulu Language
Tomedes Language
Tomini Language
Tomo Kan Dogon Language
Tomoip Language
Tomyang Language
Tondano Language
Tonga Language
Tongan Language
Tongwe Language
Tonjon Language
Tonkawa Language
Tonsawang Language
Tonsea Language
Tontemboan Language
Tooro Language
Topoiyo Language
Toposa Language
Toraja-Sa'dan Language
Toram Language
Torau Language
Toro Language
Toro So Dogon Language
Toro Tegu Dogon Language
Toromono Language
Torona Language
Torres Strait Creole Language
Torricelli Language
Torwali language
Torá Language
Totela Language
Toto Language
Totoli Language
Totonac, Coyutla Language
Totonac, Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán Language
Totonac, Highland Language
Totonac, Ozumatlán Language
Totonac, Papantla Language
Totonac, Patla-Chicontla Language
Totonac, Xicotepec de Juárez Language
Totonac, Yecuatla Language
Totoro Language
Touo Language
Toura Language
Toussian, Northern Language
Toussian, Southern Language
Towei Language
Transalpine Gaulish Language
Traveller Danish Language
Traveller Scottish Language
Tregami Language
Tremembé Language
Trieng Language
Trimuris Language
Tring Language
Tringgus Language
Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language
Trinidadian Creole English Language
Trinitario Language
Triqui, Chicahuaxtla Language
Triqui, Copala Language
Triqui, San Martín Itunyoso Language
Trió Language
Truká Language
Trumaí Language
Ts'ün-Lao Language
Tsaangi Language
Tsakhur Language
Tsakonian Language
Tsakwambo Language
Tsamai Language
Tsat language
Tseku Language
Tsetsaut language
Tshangla Language
Tsikimba Language
Tsimané Language
Tsimshian Language
Tsishingini Language
Tso Language
Tsoa Language
Tsogo Language
Tsonga Language
Tsotsitaal Language
Tsotso Language
Tsou Language
Tsum Language
Tsuvadi Language
Tsuvan Language
Tswa Language
Tswana Language
Tswapong Language
Tu Language
Tuamotuan Language
Tubar Language
Tubarão Language
Tucano Language
Tugen, North Language
Tugun Language
Tugutil Language
Tujia, Northern Language
Tujia, Southern Language
Tukang Besi North Language
Tukang Besi South Language
Tuki Language
Tukpa Language
Tukudede Language
Tukumanféd Language
Tula Language
Tulehu Language
Tulishi Language
Tulu Language
Tulu-Bohuai Language
Tuma-Irumu Language
Tumak Language
Tumbuka Language
Tumi Language
Tumleo Language
Tumshuqese Language
Tumtum Language
Tumzabt Language
Tunebo, Angosturas Language
Tunebo, Barro Negro Language
Tunebo, Central Language
Tunebo, Western Language
Tunen Language
Tungag Language
Tunggare Language
Tunia Language
Tunica Language
Tunisian Sign Language
Tunjung Language
Tunni Language
Tuotomb Language
Tuparí Language
Tupinambá Language
Tupinikin Language
Tupuri language
Tupí Language
Turaka Language
Turi Language
Turiwára Language
Turka Language
Turkana Language
Turkish Language
Turkish Sign Language
Turkmen Language
Turks and Caicos Creole English Language
Turoyo Language
Turumsa Language
Turung Language
Tuscarora Language
Tutchone, Northern Language
Tutchone, Southern Language
Tutelo Language
Tutong 1 Language
Tutong 2 Language
Tutsa Naga Language
Tutuba Language
Tututni Language
Tuvaluan Language
Tuvin Language
Tuwari Language
Tuwuli Language
Tuxináwa Language
Tuxá Language
Tuyuca Language
Twana language
Twendi Language
Twents Language
Twi Language
Tyap Language
Tyaraity Language
Tz'utujil, Eastern Language
Tz'utujil, Western Language
Tzeltal, Bachajón Language
Tzeltal, Oxchuc Language
Tzotzil, Chamula Language
Tzotzil, Chenalhó Language
Tzotzil, Huixtán Language
Tzotzil, San Andrés Larrainzar Language
Tzotzil, Venustiano Carranza Language
Tzotzil, Zinacantán Language
Tày Language
Tày Sa Pa Language
Tày Tac Language
Téén Language
Tübatulabal Language