Languages Beginning With "Y"

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Yaaku Language
Yabarana Language
Yabaâna Language
Yabem language
Yaben Language
Yabong Language
Yace Language
Yaeyama Language
Yafi Language
Yagaria Language
Yagnobi Language
Yagomi Language
Yagua Language
Yagwoia Language
Yahadian Language
Yahang Language
Yahuna Language
Yaka Language
Yakaikeke Language
Yakamul Language
Yakan Language
Yakha language
Yakima Language
Yakoma Language
Yakut Language
Yala Language
Yalahatan Language
Yalakalore Language
Yalarnnga Language
Yale Language
Yale, Kosarek Language
Yali, Angguruk Language
Yali, Ninia Language
Yali, Pass Valley Language
Yalunka Language
Yamap Language
Yamba Language
Yambes Language
Yambeta Language
Yamdena Language
Yameo Language
Yami Language
Yaminahua Language
Yamna Language
Yamongeri Language
Yamphe Language
Yamphu language
Yana Language
Yanda Dom Dogon Language
Yandruwandha Language
Yanesha' Language
Yang Zhuang Language
Yangben Language
Yangbye Language
Yangho Language
Yangkam Language
Yangman Language
Yango Language
Yangulam Language
Yangum Dey Language
Yangum Gel Language
Yangum Mon Language
Yankunytjatjara Language
Yanomamö Language
Yanomámi Language
Yansi Language
Yanyuwa Language
Yao Language
Yaouré Language
Yapese Language
Yapunda Language
Yaqay Language
Yaqui Language
Yarawata Language
Yareba Language
Yarsun Language
Yarí Language
Yasa Language
Yassic Language
Yau Language
Yaul Language
Yauma language
Yaur Language
Yavitero Language
Yawa Language
Yawalapití Language
Yawanawa Language
Yawarawarga Language
Yaweyuha Language
Yawiyo Language
Yawuru Language
Yazgulyam language
Yei Language
Yekhee Language
Yekora Language
Yela Language
Yele Language
Yelmek Language
Yelogu Language
Yemba Language
Yemsa Language
Yendang Language
Yeni Language
Yeniche Language
Yerakai Language
Yeretuar Language
Yerong Language
Yerukula Language
Yeskwa Language
Yessan-Mayo Language
Yetfa Language
Yevanic language
Yeyi Language
Yi, Awu Language
Yi, Axi Language
Yi, Azhe Language
Yi, Central Language
Yi, Dayao Language
Yi, Guizhou Language
Yi, Muji Language
Yi, Pula Language
Yi, Puwa Language
Yi, Sani Language
Yi, Sichuan Language
Yi, Southern Language
Yi, Western Language
Yi, Wumeng Language
Yi, Xishan Lalu Language
Yi, Yuanjiang-Mojiang Language
Yiddish Language
Yiddish Sign Language
Yiddish, Eastern Language
Yiddish, Western Language
Yidgha Language
Yidiny Language
Yil Language
Yimas language
Yinchia Language
Yindjibarndi Language
Yindjilandji Language
Yine Language
Yinggarda Language
Yinglish Language
Yir Yoront Language
Yis Language
Yiwom Language
Yoba Language
Yogad Language
Yoidik Language
Yoke Language
Yokuts Language
Yola Language
Yom Language
Yombe Language
Yonaguni Language
Yong Language
Yongbei Zhuang Language
Yonggom Language
Yongnan Zhuang Language
Yopno Language
Yora language
Yoron Language
Yoruba Language
Yos Language
Youjiang Zhuang Language
Yoy Language
Yuaga Language
Yucatec Maya Sign Language
Yuchi Language
Yucuna Language
Yug Language
Yugambal Language
Yugh language
Yugoslavian Sign Language
Yugur, East Language
Yugur, West Language
Yuhup Language
Yukaghir, Northern Language
Yukaghir, Southern Language
Yuki Language
Yukpa Language
Yukuben Language
Yulu Language
Yupik, Central Language
Yupik, Central Siberian Language
Yupik, Naukan Language
Yupik, Pacific Gulf Language
Yupik, Sirenik Language
Yuqui Language
Yuracare Language
Yurok language
Yurutí Language
Yuwana Language
Yámana Language