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Also Known As: Canga-Peba,Compeva,Cambeba,Pariana,Campeba,Cambeeba,Umaua,Ariana,Macanipa,Kambeba,Omagua,Omagua-Yete,Janbeba,Cambela,Yhuata,Anapia,Agua


According to Ethnologue, Omagua is a language which is spoken by less than 100 South American natives (the Omaguas) who live near Iquitos, Peru. It was also at one time spoken in most of western Brazil, but the tribe may have since diminished. The language belongs to the Tupi-Guarani language subfamily.

Currently there are two known living speakers left, both of whom are over eighty. It is now widely understood to be a Creole language which was lexified by a Tupi-Guarani language...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Omagua Language Speakers


Main Country: Peru
Spoken In:

Countries: Peru

ISO 639-3 Code: omg

Classification Taxonomy

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  Tupi Group

    Tupi-Guarani Group

      Tupi III Group

        Omagua Language