Samburu Language (saq)

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Also Known As: Sambur,Burkeneji,Lokop,Nkutuk,Sampur,E Lokop


Samburu is the Eastern Nilotic, North Maa language spoken by the Samburu in the highlands of northern Kenya. The Samburu number about 128,000 (or 147,000 including the Camus/Chamus). Samburu is closely related to Camus (88% to 94% lexical similarity; Camus is sometimes considered a Samburu dialect) and to the South Maa language Maasai (77% to 89% lexical similarity). The word Samburu itself derives from the old Maa word 'saamburr' for the leather bag the Samburu use...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Samburu Language Speakers

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Detailed Description:


Main Country: Kenya
Spoken In:

Regions: Africa

ISO 639-3 Code: saq

Classification Taxonomy

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  Nilo-Saharan Group

    Eastern Sudanic Group

      Nilotic Group

        Eastern Nilotic Group

          Lotuxo-Teso Group

            Lotuxo-Maa Group

              Ongamo-Maa Group

                Samburu Language