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Also Known As: Sawuy,Aejauroh,Sawi language


Sawi is a language of the Sawi people of the Trans–New Guinea phylum spoken in sago swamps of West Irian. Of the neighboring languages, it is most closely related to the Awyu languages to the east.

Sawi is an inflecting language and uses both inflections of the stem and suffixes to indicate person, number, and tense...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Sawi Language Speakers


Main Country: Indonesia
Spoken In:

Regions: Oceania

ISO 639-3 Code: saw

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Trans-New Guinea Group

    Main Section Group

      Central and Western Group

        Central and South New Guinea-Kutubuan Group

          Central and South New Guinea Group

            Awyu-Dumut Group

              Sawi Group

                Sawi Language