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Also Known As: Scots


Scots or Lowland Scots refers to the Germanic varieties spoken in Scotland and parts of Ulster. It is not to be confused with Scottish Gaelic, the Celtic language of Scotland. Since there are no universally accepted criteria for distinguishing languages from dialects, scholars and other interested parties often disagree about the linguistic, historical and social status of Scots. Although a number of paradigms for distinguishing between languages and dialects do exist, these often render contradictory results. Focused broad Scots is at one end of a bipolar linguistic continuum, with Scottish Standard English at the other, consequently, Scots is often regarded as one of the ancient varieties of English, but with its own distinct dialects or Scots is sometimes treated as a distinct Germanic language, in the way Norwegian is closely linked to yet distinct from Danish.

Native speakers sometimes refer to their vernacular as braid Scots (or "broad Scots" in English) or use a dialect name such as "the Doric", "the Teri" or "the Buchan Claik". The old-fashioned Scotch occurs occasionally, especially in Ireland. The term Lallans is used too (though this is more often taken to mean the..... full article at Wikipedia

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Main Country: United Kingdom
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Countries: United Kingdom Regions: Europe

ISO 639-2 Code: sco
ISO 639-3 Code: sco

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  Indo-European Group

    Germanic Group

      West Germanic Group

        English Group

          Scots Language

            Orcadian dialect

            Insular Scots

            Cromarty fisher dialect