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Also Known As: Semelai Language


The Semelai language is a dialect spoken by the Semalai people, a Proto-Malay (Aboriginal Malay) tribal group, one of nineteen orang asli groups of Malaysia. The Semelai reside in the region between Segamat (Johore) and the Pahang River. The Semelai language is an Austro-Asiatic language (now called Aslian language), while other Proto-Malay groups speak Austronesian languages.

ISO 639-3: sza..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Semelai language Speakers


Main Country: Malaysia
Spoken In:

Regions: Asia

ISO 639-3 Code: sza

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Austro-Asiatic Group

    Mon-Khmer Group

      Aslian Group

        South Aslian Group

          Semelai language