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Seneca (in Seneca, Onödowága or Onötowáka) is the language of the Seneca people, one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois League. About 10,000 Seneca live in the United States and Canada, primarily on reservations in western New York state, with others living in Oklahoma and near Brantford, Ontario. There are several methods to write the Seneca Language and variations of dialect between territories and regions. The orthography described here is the one used by the Seneca Bilingual Education Project. Seneca has three stops, /t/, /k/, and /ʔ/. /t/ and /k/ become voiced ([d] and [ɡ]) before vowels or approximants.

The nasal vowels, except which represents a near-open front unrounded vowel, are represented with diaereses on top: . Depending on the phonetic environment, the nasal vowel may vary between [ɛ̃] and [œ̃], whereas may vary from [ɔ̃] to [ɑ̃]. Long vowels are indicated with a following , while stress is indicated with an acute accent overtop...... full article at Wikipedia

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