Sengseng language (ssz)

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Also Known As: Sengseng Language,Asengseng


Sengseng is an Austronesian language spoken by about 1750 individuals in the southwest interior of West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea on the island of New Britain...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Sengseng language Speakers


Main Country: Papua New Guinea
Spoken In:

Regions: Oceania

ISO 639-3 Code: ssz

Classification Taxonomy

Austronesian Group

  Malayo-Polynesian Group

    Central-Eastern Group

      Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Group

        Oceanic Group

          Western Oceanic Group

            North New Guinea Group

              Ngero-Vitiaz Group

                Vitiaz Group

                  Southwest New Britain Group

                    Arawe-Pasismanua Group

                      Pasismanua Group

                        Sengseng language