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Also Known As: Shuadi,Judeo-comtadine,Judeo-Provençal


Shuadit, also spelled Chouhadite, Chouhadit, Chouadite, Chouadit, and Shuhadit is the extinct Jewish language of southern France, also known as Judæo-Provençal, Judéo-Comtadin, Hébraïco-Comtadin. The language is known from documents dating to as early as the 11th century in France, and after suffering drastic declines beginning with the charter of the Inquisition in France, finally died out with the death of its last known speaker, Armand Lunel, in 1977. The exact development and age of Shuadit is unclear to historians. Latin, as the language of commerce and administration of the Roman Empire, spread to the region following the conquest of Transalpine Gaul by Julius Caesar, completed by 50 BC. There is, however, little evidence of whether Shuadit developed through the adoption and alteration of Latin by the local Jewish community, or whether it is a descendant of the much earlier Judæo-Latin language. Another possibility is that the language developed as a result of the influence of the exegetical school at Narbonne. (For further discussion, refer to Blondheim and Banitt in References below. See also the Judæo-French article at Zarphatic.)

Shuadit writings consist of two distinct..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Shuadit Language Speakers


Main Country: France
Spoken In:

Regions: Europe

ISO 639-3 Code: sdt

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