Shubi Language (suj)

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Also Known As: Subi,Sinja,Urushubi


Shubi is a Bantu language spoken in Tanzania. It is may use the labiodental plosive as a phoneme, rather than as an allophone of the bilabial plosive. Peter Ladefoged wrote:..... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Shubi Language Speakers


Main Country: Tanzania
Spoken In:

Regions: Africa

ISO 639-3 Code: suj

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Niger-Congo Group

    Atlantic-Congo Group

      Volta-Congo Group

        Benue-Congo Group

          Bantoid Group

            Southern Bantoid Group

              Narrow Bantu Group

                Central Narrow Bantu Group

                  J Group

                    Rwanda-Rundi (J.60) Group

                      Shubi Language