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Sowa was the original language of south-central Pentecost island in Vanuatu. In recent times it has been displaced by Abma, a neighbouring language, and there are now no native speakers of Sowa left, although a few people still know the language. Sowa belongs to the East Vanuatu languages, a branch of the Austronesian languages family. It is closely related to Seke, another south Pentecost language. Sowa was originally spoken on both western and eastern sides of Pentecost. Melsisi River formed the language's northern boundary, and its range extended southwards as far as the village of Levisendam. Most of the place names in this area are Sowa in origin. In the village of Lesubelakan (Lesubwe), above Melsisi, a unique variety of Sowa was spoken that differed noticeably from that spoken in other areas. Following the depopulation of Pentecost that occurred after the introduction of European diseases, men from Sowa-speaking areas were forced to marry women from other parts of Pentecost. These women were Abma speakers, and their children were brought up speaking Abma rather than Sowa. As a result, by the 1960s, Abma had totally displaced Sowa as the local language.

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Location of Sowa Language Speakers


Main Country: Vanuatu
Spoken In:

Regions: Oceania

ISO 639-3 Code: sww

Classification Taxonomy

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  Austronesian Group

    Malayo-Polynesian Group

      Central-Eastern Group

        Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Group

          Oceanic Group

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                    East Vanuatu Group

                      Sowa Language