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Also Known As: Chinese, Mandarin Language,Putonghua,Huayu,Guanhua,Hoton,Guoyu,Standard Chinese,Northern Chinese,Beifang Fangyan,Hanyu,Mandarin,Chinese, Mandarin,Xui,Kuoyu,Hui-zu,Hui,Mandarin Chinese,Hytad,Qotong


Standard Mandarin, or Standard Chinese, is the official modern Chinese spoken language used in mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. The phonology of Standard Mandarin is based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin, a large and diverse group of Chinese dialects spoken across northern and southwestern China. The vocabulary is largely drawn from this group of dialects. The grammar is standardized to the body of modern literary works written in Vernacular Chinese, which in practice follows the same tradition of the Mandarin dialects with some notable exceptions. As a result, Standard Mandarin itself is usually just called "Mandarin" in non-academic, everyday usage. However, linguists use "Mandarin" to refer to the entire language. This convention will be adopted in the rest of this article. Standard Mandarin is officially known In other parts of the world, the three names are used interchangeably to varying degrees, Putonghua being the most common.

The name Guoyu received official recognition in 1909, when the Qing Dynasty determined Standard Mandarin as the "national language". The name Putonghua also has a long, albeit unofficial, pedigree...... full article at Wikipedia

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Main Country: China
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Regions: Asia

ISO 639-3 Code: cmn

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