Sumo-Mayangna Language (sum)

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Also Known As: Sumu,Ulwa,Sumo,Soumo,Sumoo,Woolwa,Taguaca,Sumo Tawahka


Sumo (also known as Sumu) is the collective name for a group of Misumalpan languages spoken in Nicaragua and Honduras. Hale & Salamanca (2001) classifies the Sumu languages into a northern composed of the Twahka and Panamahka dialects and southern Sumu consisting of the Ulwa language. Sumu specialist Ken Hale considers the differences between Ulwa and Northern Sumu in both vocabulary and morphology to be so considerable that he prefers to speak of it as a language distinct from the northern Sumu varieties...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Sumo-Mayangna Language Speakers


Main Country: Nicaragua
Spoken In:

Regions: Americas

ISO 639-3 Code: sum

Classification Taxonomy

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    Sumo-Mayangna Language