Sunwar Language (suz)

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Also Known As: Mukhiya,Sunwari,Sunbar,Sunuwar,Kwoico Lo,Sonowal,Sonowar,Sunwar language


Sunwar is a Kiranti language spoken in Nepal by the Sunwar people. It was first comprehensively attested by the Himalayan Languages Project...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Sunwar Language Speakers

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Vernacular Text:


Main Country: Nepal
Spoken In:

Regions: Asia

ISO 639-3 Code: suz

Classification Taxonomy

All Languages

  Sino-Tibetan Group

    Tibeto-Burman Group

      Himalayish Group

        Mahakiranti Group

          Kham-Magar-Chepang-Sunwari Group

            Sunwari Group

              Sunwar Language