Susquehannock Language (sqn)

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Also Known As: Minqua,Conestoga,Andaste,Susquehanna,Susquehannock language


Susquehannock is an extinct language that once was spoken by Native Americans. It is a part of the Iroquoian language family.

Little of the Susquehannock language has been preserved. The only source is a Vocabula Mahakuassica compiled by the Swedish missionary Johannes Campanius during the 1640s. Campanius's vocabulary contains only about 100 words, but it is sufficient to show that Susquehannock was a northern Iroquoian language closely related to those of the Five Nations...... full article at Wikipedia

Location of Susquehannock Language Speakers


Main Country: United States
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Regions: Americas

ISO 639-3 Code: sqn

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