Languages Beginning With "C"

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C'lela Language
Caac Language
Cabiyarí Language
Cabécar Language
Cacaopera Language
Cacua Language
Caddo Language
Cafundo Creole Language
Cagua Language
Cahuarano Language
Cahuilla Language
Caka Language
Cakfem-Mushere Language
Callawalla Language
Caluyanun Language
Caló Language
Camling Language
Campalagian Language
Camsá Language
Camtho Language
Camunic Language
Candoshi-Shapra Language
Canela Language
Canichana Language
Cao Lan Language
Cao Miao Language
Capanahua Language
Capiznon Language
Cappadocian Greek Language
Caquinte Language
Cara Language
Carabayo Language
Caramanta Language
Carapana Language
Carian Language
Carib Language
Carib, Island Language
Carijona Language
Carolina Algonquian Language
Carolinian Language
Carrier Language
Carrier, Southern Language
Carútana Language
Cashibo-Cacataibo Language
Cashinahua Language
Catalan-Valencian-Balear Language
Catalonian Sign Language
Catawba Language
Cauca Language
Cavineña Language
Cayubaba Language
Cayuga Language
Cayuse Language
Cebuano language
Celtiberian Language
Cemuhî Language
Cen Language
Centúúm Language
Cerma Language
Ch'orti' Language
Chachi Language
Chadian Sign Language
Chadong Language
Chagatai Language
Chaima Language
Chak Language
Chakali Language
Chakma Language
Chala Language
Chaldean Neo-Aramaic Language
Chalikha Language
Cham, Eastern Language
Cham, Western Language
Chamacoco language
Chamalal Language
Chamari Language
Chambeali Language
Chambri Language
Chamicuro Language
Chamorro Language
Changriwa Language
Changthang Language
Chantyal language
Chané Language
Chara Language
Chatino, Eastern Highland Language
Chatino, Nopala Language
Chatino, Tataltepec Language
Chatino, Western Highland Language
Chatino, Zacatepec Language
Chatino, Zenzontepec Language
Chaudangsi Language
Chaungtha Language
Chaura Language
Chavacano Language
Chayahuita Language
Che Language
Chechen Language
Chehalis, Lower Language
Chehalis, Upper Language
Cheke Holo Language
Chemakum Language
Chenapian Language
Chenchu Language
Chenoua Language
Chepang Language
Chepya Language
Cherepon Language
Cherokee Language
Chesu Language
Chetco Language
Chewong Language
Cheyenne Language
Chhattisgarhi Language
Chhintange Language
Chhulung Language
Chiangmai Sign Language
Chiapanec Language
Chibcha Language
Chichimeca-Jonaz Language
Chickasaw Language
Chicomuceltec Language
Chiga Language
Chilcotin Language
Chilean Sign Language
Chilisso Language
Chimakum Language
Chimariko Language
Chimila Language
Chin, Asho Language
Chin, Bawm Language
Chin, Chinbon Language
Chin, Daai Language
Chin, Falam Language
Chin, Haka Language
Chin, Khumi Awa Language
Chin, Khumi Language
Chin, Mara Language
Chin, Mro Language
Chin, Mün Language
Chin, Ngawn Language
Chin, Paite Language
Chin, Senthang Language
Chin, Siyin Language
Chin, Tawr Language
Chin, Tedim Language
Chin, Thado Language
Chin, Zotung Language
Chinali Language
Chinantec, Chiltepec Language
Chinantec, Comaltepec Language
Chinantec, Lalana Language
Chinantec, Lealao Language
Chinantec, Ojitlán Language
Chinantec, Ozumacín Language
Chinantec, Palantla Language
Chinantec, Quiotepec Language
Chinantec, Sochiapan Language
Chinantec, Tepetotutla Language
Chinantec, Tepinapa Language
Chinantec, Tlacoatzintepec Language
Chinantec, Usila Language
Chinantec, Valle Nacional Language
Chincha Quechua Language
Chinese Pidgin English Language
Chinese Sign Language
Chinese, Gan Language
Chinese, Hakka Language
Chinese, Huizhou Language
Chinese, Jinyu Language
Chinese, Min Bei Language
Chinese, Min Dong Language
Chinese, Min Zhong Language
Chinese, Pu-Xian Language
Chinese, Wu Language
Chinese, Xiang Language
Chinese, Yue Language
Chinook Language
Chinook Wawa Language
Chipaya Language
Chipewyan Language
Chipiajes Language
Chippewa Language
Chiquitano Language
Chiripá Language
Chiru Language
Chitimacha Language
Chittagonian Language
Chocangacakha Language
Chochotec Language
Choctaw Language
Chodri Language
Chokwe Language
Chol, Tila Language
Chol, Tumbalá Language
Cholón Language
Chong Language
Choni Language
Chontal, Highland Oaxaca Language
Chontal, Lowland Oaxaca Language
Chontal, Tabasco Language
Chonyi Language
Chopi Language
Chorasmian Language
Chorote, Iyo'wujwa Language
Chorote, Iyojwa'ja Language
Chorotega Language
Chrau Language
Chru Language
Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao Language
Chuave Language
Chug Language
Chuj, Ixtatán Language
Chuj, San Sebastián Coatán Language
Chuka Language
Chukot Language
Chukwa Language
Chulym Language
Chumash Language
Chumburung Language
Churahi Language
Chut Language
Chuukese Language
Chuvantsy Language
Chuvash Language
Chuwabu Language
Chácobo Language
Cia-Cia Language
Cibak language
Cimbrian language
Cinda-Regi-Tiyal Language
Cineni Language
Cinta Larga Language
Cisalpine Gaulish Language
Cishingini Language
Citak Language
Citak, Tamnim Language
Ciwogai Language
Clallam Language
Classical Armenian Language
Classical Mongolian Language
Classical Newari Language
Classical Tibetan Language
Coahuilteco Language
Cocama-Cocamilla Language
Cochimi Language
Cocopa Language
Coeur d'Alene Language
Cofán Language
Cogui Language
Colombian Sign Language
Colorado Language
Columbia-Wenatchi Language
Comanche Language
Comecrudo Language
Como Karim Language
Comorian Language
Comorian, Mwali Language
Comorian, Ngazidja Language
Comox Language
Con Language
Coos Language
Coptic Language
Coquille Language
Cora, El Nayar Language
Cora, Santa Teresa Language
Cori Language
Cornish Language
Corsican Language
Costa Rican Sign Language
Cotoname Language
Cowlitz Language
Coxima Language
Coyaima Language
Cree Language
Cree, Moose Language
Cree, Northern East Language
Cree, Plains Language
Cree, Southern East Language
Cree, Swampy Language
Cree, Woods Language
Crimean Turkish Language
Crioulo, Upper Guinea Language
Croatia Sign Language
Croatian language
Crow Language
Cruzeño Language
Cua Language
Cuba Sign Language
Cubeo Language
Cuiba language
Cuicatec, Tepeuxila Language
Cuicatec, Teutila Language
Culina Language
Cumanagoto Language
Cumbric Language
Cumeral Language
Cun Language
Cuneiform Luwian Language
Cung Language
Cupeño Language
Curonian Language
Curripaco Language
Cutchi-Swahili Language
Cuvok Language
Cuyonon Language
Czech Language
Czech Sign Language
Côông Language