Languages Beginning With "M"

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Ma Language
Ma'anyan Language
Ma'di Language
Ma'di, Southern Language
Ma'ya Language
Maa Language
Maaka Language
Maasai Language
Maay Language
Maba Language
Mabaale Language
Mabaan Language
Mabire Language
Maca Language
Macaguaje Language
Macaguán Language
Macanese Language
Macedonian Language
Machame Language
Machiguenga Language
Machinere Language
Machinga Language
Maco Language
Macuna Language
Macushi Language
Mada Language
Madagascar Sign Language
Madak Language
Madang Language
Maden Language
Madi Language
Madngele Language
Madura Language
Mae Language
Maek Language
Maewo, Central Language
Mafa Language
Mafea Language
Magahat Language
Magahi Language
Magar, Eastern Language
Magar, Western Language
Magoma Language
Magori Language
Maguindanao Language
Mahali Language
Mahei Language
Mahican language
Mahongwe Language
Mahou Language
Mai Brat Language
Maia Language
Maiadomu Language
Maiani Language
Maidu, Northeast Language
Maidu, Northwest Language
Maidu, Valley Language
Maii Language
Mailu Language
Maindo Language
Mainfränkisch Language
Mairasi Language
Maisin Language
Maithili Language
Maiwa Language
Maiwala Language
Majang language
Majera Language
Majhi language
Majhwar language
Mak Language
Makaa Language
Makah Language
Makasae Language
Makasar Language
Makassar Malay Language
Makayam Language
Makhuwa Language
Makhuwa-Marrevone Language
Makhuwa-Meetto Language
Makhuwa-Moniga Language
Makhuwa-Saka Language
Makhuwa-Shirima language
Makian, East Language
Makian, West Language
Maklew Language
Makolkol Language
Makonde Language
Maku'a Language
Makuri Naga Language
Makuráp Language
Makwe Language
Makyan Naga Language
Mal Language
Mal Paharia language
Mala Language
Mala Malasar Language
Malaccan Creole Malay Language
Malaccan Creole Portuguese Language
Malagasy Language
Malagasy, Antankarana Language
Malagasy, Northern Betsimisaraka Language
Malagasy, Southern Betsimisaraka Language
Malagasy, Tsimihety Language
Malakhel Language
Malakote Language
Malalamai Language
Malango Language
Malankuravan Language
Malapandaram Language
Malaryan Language
Malas Language
Malasanga language
Malasar Language
Malavedan Language
Malawi Lomwe Language
Malay (individual language) Language
Malay (macrolanguage) Language
Malay Language
Malay, Ambonese Language
Malay, Baba Language
Malay, Bacanese Language
Malay, Berau Language
Malay, Bukit Language
Malay, Cocos Islands Language
Malay, Jambi Language
Malay, Kedah Language
Malay, Kota Bangun Kutai Language
Malay, Kupang Language
Malay, Manado Language
Malay, North Moluccan Language
Malay, Pattani Language
Malay, Sabah Language
Malay, Tenggarong Kutai Language
Malayalam Language
Malayic Dayak Language
Malaynon Language
Malayo Language
Malaysian Sign Language
Maldivian Language
Male Language
Malecite-Passamaquoddy Language
Maleng Language
Maleu-Kilenge language
Malfaxal Language
Malgana Language
Malgbe Language
Mali Language
Maligo Language
Malila Language
Malimba Language
Malimpung Language
Malinaltepec Me'phaa Language
Malinguat Language
Malo Language
Malol Language
Maltese Language
Maltese Sign Language
Malua Bay Language
Malvi Language
Maléku Jaíka Language
Mam, Central Language
Mam, Northern Language
Mam, Southern Language
Mam, Tajumulco Language
Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatán Language
Mama Language
Mamaa Language
Mamaindé Language
Mamanwa Language
Mamasa Language
Mambae Language
Mambai Language
Mambila, Cameroon Language
Mambila, Nigeria Language
Mamboru Language
Mambwe-Lungu Language
Mampruli Language
Mamuju Language
Mamulique Language
Mamusi Language
Mamvu Language
Man Met Language
Manam Language
Manambu Language
Manangba Language
Manangkari Language
Manchu Language
Manda Language
Mandahuaca Language
Mandaic language
Mandaic, Classical Language
Mandan Language
Mandandanyi Language
Mandar language
Mandara Language
Mandari Language
Mandaya, Cataelano Language
Mandaya, Karaga Language
Mandaya, Sangab Language
Mandeali Language
Mander Language
Mandingo Language
Mandinka Language
Mandjak Language
Mandobo Atas Language
Mandobo Bawah Language
Manem Language
Mang Language
Mangala Language
Mangarayi Language
Mangareva Language
Mangas Language
Mangayat Language
Mangbetu Language
Mangbutu Language
Mangerr Language
Manggarai Language
Mango Language
Mangole Language
Mangseng Language
Manichaean Middle Persian Language
Manikion Language
Maninka, Forest Language
Maninka, Konyanka Language
Maninka, Sankaran Language
Maninkakan, Eastern Language
Maninkakan, Kita Language
Maninkakan, Western Language
Manipa Language
Mankanya Language
Mann Language
Manna-Dora Language
Mannan Language
Manobo, Agusan Language
Manobo, Ata Language
Manobo, Cinamiguin Language
Manobo, Cotabato Language
Manobo, Dibabawon Language
Manobo, Ilianen Language
Manobo, Matigsalug Language
Manobo, Obo Language
Manobo, Rajah Kabunsuwan Language
Manobo, Sarangani Language
Manobo, Western Bukidnon Language
Manombai Language
Mansaka Language
Mansi Language
Mansoanka Language
Manta Language
Mantsi Language
Manusela Language
Manx Language
Manya Language
Manyawa Language
Manyika Language
Manza Language
Maonan Language
Maori Language
Mape Language
Mapena Language
Mapia Language
Mapidian Language
Mapoyo Language
Mapudungun Language
Mapun Language
Maquiritari Language
Mara Language
Marachi Language
Maraghei Language
Maragus Language
Marama Language
Maramba Language
Maranao Language
Maranunggu Language
Mararit Language
Marathi Language
Marau Language
Marba Language
Maremgi Language
Marenje Language
Marfa Language
Margany Language
Marghi Central Language
Marghi South Language
Margu Language
Mari (Russia) Language
Mari Language
Mari, Eastern Language
Mari, Western Language
Maria Language
Maria, Dandami Language
Maricopa Language
Maridan Language
Maridjabin Language
Marik language
Marimanindji Language
Marind Language
Marind, Bian Language
Maring Language
Maringarr Language
Marino Language
Mariri Language
Marithiel Language
Maritime Sign Language
Maritsauá Language
Mariyedi Language
Marka Language
Marma Language
Marovo Language
Marquesan, North Language
Marquesan, South Language
Marriammu Language
Marrucinian Language
Marshallese Language
Marsian Language
Martha's Vineyard Sign Language
Marti Ke Language
Martu Wangka
Martuyhunira Language
Maru Language
Marwari Language
Marwari language
Marúbo Language
Masaba Language
Masalit Language
Masana Language
Masbatenyo Language
Masela, Central Language
Masela, East Language
Masela, West Language
Mashco Piro Language
Mashi Language
Masikoro Malagasy Language
Masimasi Language
Masiwang Language
Maskelynes Language
Maskoy Pidgin Language
Maslam Language
Masmaje Language
Massalat Language
Massep Language
Matagalpa Language
Matal Language
Matbat Language
Matengo Language
Matepi Language
Matipuhy Language
Matlatzinca, Atzingo Language
Matlatzinca, San Francisco Language
Mato Language
Mator language
Mator-Taygi-Karagas Language
Matsés Language
Mattole Language
Matukar language
Matumbi Language
Matís Language
Maung Language
Mauwake Language
Mawa Language
Mawak Language
Mawan Language
Mawayana Language
Mawchi Language
Mawes Language
Maxakalí Language
Maya, Chan Santa Cruz Language
Maya, Mopán Language
Maya, Yucatán Language
Mayaguduna Language
Mayeka Language
Maykulan Language
Mayo Language
Mayogo Language
Mazagway Language
Mazahua Central Language
Mazahua, Michoacán Language
Mazanderani Language
Mazatec, Ayautla Language
Mazatec, Chiquihuitlán Language
Mazatec, Huautla Language
Mazatec, Ixcatlán Language
Mazatec, Jalapa de Díaz Language
Mazatec, Mazatlán Language
Mazatec, San Jerónimo Tecóatl Language
Mazatec, Soyaltepec Language
Mba Language
Mbabaram Language
Mbala Language
Mbalanhu Language
Mbandja Language
Mbangala Language
Mbangi Language
Mbangwe Language
Mbara (Australia) Language
Mbara Language
Mbariman-Gudhinma Language
Mbati Language
Mbato Language
Mbay Language
Mbe Language
Mbe' Language
Mbedam Language
Mbelime Language
Mbembe, Cross River Language
Mbembe, Tigon Language
Mbere Language
Mbesa Language
Mbo Language
Mbo-Ung Language
Mboi Language
Mboko Language
Mbole Language
Mbonga Language
Mbongno Language
Mbosi Language
Mbowe Language
Mbre Language
Mbu' Language
Mbugu Language
Mbugwe Language
Mbuko Language
Mbukushu Language
Mbula Language
Mbula-Bwazza Language
Mbule Language
Mbulungish Language
Mbum language
Mbunda Language
Mbundu Language
Mbunga Language
Mburku Language
Mbwela Language
Me'en Language
Mea Language
Medebur Language
Media Lengua Language
Mediak Language
Median Language
Medumba Language
Mefele Language
Megam Language
Mehek Language
Mehináku Language
Mehri Language
Meitei Language
Mekeo Language
Mekmek Language
Mekwei Language
Melanau Language
Mele-Fila Language
Melo Language
Melpa Language
Memoni language
Mendankwe-Nkwen Language
Mende Language
Mengaka Language
Mengen Language
Mengisa Language
Menka Language
Menominee Language
Mentawai Language
Menya Language
Meohang, Eastern Language
Meohang, Western Language
Meoswar Language
Mer Language
Meramera Language
Merei Language
Merey Language
Meriam Language
Merlav Language
Meroitic Language
Meru Language
Merwari Language
Mesaka Language
Mese Language
Mesme Language
Mesmes language
Mesqan Language
Mesquakie Language
Messapic Language
Meta' Language
Mewari language
Mewati Language
Mexican Sign Language
Meyah Language
Mfinu Language
Mfumte Language
Miami Language
Mian Language
Miani Language
Miarrã Language
Michif Language
Michigamea Language
Micmac Language
Middle Armenian Language
Middle Breton Language
Middle Cornish Language
Middle Dutch (ca. 1050-1350) Language
Middle English (1100-1500) Language
Middle French (ca. 1400-1600) Language
Middle High German (ca. 1050-1500) Language
Middle Hittite Language
Middle Irish (900-1200) Language
Middle Korean (10th-16th cent.) Language
Middle Low German Language
Middle Mongolian Language
Middle Newar Language
Middle Welsh Language
Midob Language
Migaama Language
Migabac Language
Miju-Mishmi Language
Mikasuki Language
Mili Language
Miltu Language
Miluk Language
Milyan Language
Mimi Language
Min Nan
Mina Language
Minaean Language
Minangkabau Language
Minanibai Language
Minaveha Language
Mindiri language
Mingang Doso Language
Mingrelian Language
Minigir Language
Minoan Language
Minokok Language
Minriq Language
Mintil Language
Minz Zhuang Language
Miqie Language
Miranda do Douro Language
Mire Language
Mirgan Language
Miri Language
Miriti Language
Miriwung Language
Miship Language
Misima-Paneati Language
Mittu Language
Mituku Language
Miu language
Miwa Language
Miwok, Bay Language
Miwok, Central Sierra Language
Miwok, Coast Language
Miwok, Lake Language
Miwok, Northern Sierra Language
Miwok, Plains Language
Miwok, Southern Sierra Language
Mixe, Coatlán Language
Mixe, Isthmus Language
Mixe, Juquila Language
Mixe, Mazatlán Language
Mixe, North Central Language
Mixe, Tlahuitoltepec Language
Mixe, Totontepec Language
Mixifore Language
Mixtec, Alacatlatzala Language
Mixtec, Alcozauca Language
Mixtec, Amoltepec Language
Mixtec, Apasco-Apoala Language
Mixtec, Atatláhuca Language
Mixtec, Ayutla Language
Mixtec, Cacaloxtepec Language
Mixtec, Chayuco Language
Mixtec, Chazumba Language
Mixtec, Chigmecatitlán Language
Mixtec, Coatzospan Language
Mixtec, Cuyamecalco Language
Mixtec, Diuxi-Tilantongo Language
Mixtec, Huitepec Language
Mixtec, Itundujia Language
Mixtec, Ixtayutla Language
Mixtec, Jamiltepec Language
Mixtec, Juxtlahuaca Language
Mixtec, Magdalena Peñasco Language
Mixtec, Metlatónoc Language
Mixtec, Mitlatongo Language
Mixtec, Mixtepec Language
Mixtec, Northern Tlaxiaco Language
Mixtec, Northwest Oaxaca Language
Mixtec, Ocotepec Language
Mixtec, Peñoles Language
Mixtec, Pinotepa Nacional Language
Mixtec, San Juan Colorado Language
Mixtec, San Juan Teita Language
Mixtec, San Miguel Piedras Language
Mixtec, San Miguel el Grande Language
Mixtec, Santa María Zacatepec Language
Mixtec, Silacayoapan Language
Mixtec, Sindihui Language
Mixtec, Sinicahua Language
Mixtec, Southeastern Nochixtlán Language
Mixtec, Southern Puebla Language
Mixtec, Southwestern Tlaxiaco Language
Mixtec, Soyaltepec Language
Mixtec, Tacahua Language
Mixtec, Tamazola Language
Mixtec, Tezoatlán Language
Mixtec, Tidaá Language
Mixtec, Tijaltepec Language
Mixtec, Tututepec Language
Mixtec, Western Juxtlahuaca Language
Mixtec, Yoloxochitl Language
Mixtec, Yosondúa Language
Mixtec, Yucuañe Language
Mixtec, Yutanduchi Language
Miya Language
Miyako Language
Miyobe Language
Mizo Language
Mlabri Language
Mlahsö Language
Mlap Language
Mlomp Language
Mmaala Language
Mmen Language
Mnong, Central Language
Mnong, Eastern Language
Mnong, Southern Language
Mo'da Language
Moabite Language
Moba Language
Mobilian Language
Mochica Language
Mocho Language
Mocoví Language
Modang Language
Modole Language
Moere Language
Mofu, North Language
Mofu-Gudur Language
Mogholi Language
Mogum Language
Mohave Language
Mohawk Language
Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett Language
Moi Language
Moikodi Language
Moinba Language
Moingi Language
Moji Language
Mok Language
Moken Language
Mokerang Language
Mokilese language
Moklen Language
Mokole Language
Mokpwe Language
Moksela Language
Moksha Language
Molale Language
Molbog Language
Moldova Sign Language
Molengue language
Molima Language
Molo Language
Molof Language
Moloko Language
Mom Jango Language
Moma Language
Momare Language
Mombum Language
Momina Language
Momuna Language
Mon Language
Monastic Sign Language
Mondropolon Language
Mondé Language
Mongo-Nkundu Language
Mongol Language
Mongolian Language
Mongolian Sign Language
Mongolian, Halh Language
Mongolian, Peripheral Language
Mongondow Language
Moni Language
Monimbo Language
Mono Language
Monom Language
Montagnais Language
Montol Language
Monumbo Language
Monzombo Language
Moo Language
Mor Language
Moraid Language
Morawa Language
Morerebi Language
Moresada Language
Mori Atas Language
Mori Bawah Language
Morigi Language
Morisyen Language
Moro Language
Moroccan Sign Language
Morokodo Language
Moronene language
Morori Language
Morouas Language
Mortlockese Language
Moru Language
Mosimo Language
Mosina Language
Mosiro Language
Moskona Language
Mota Language
Motlav Language
Motu Language
Motu, Hiri Language
Mouk-Aria language
Movima Language
Moyadan Itneg Language
Mozambican Sign Language
Mozarabic Language
Mpade Language
Mpi Language
Mpiemo Language
Mpongmpong Language
Mpoto Language
Mpotovoro Language
Mpuono Language
Mpur Language
Mru Language
Mser Language
Mualang Language
Mubami Language
Mubi Language
Muda Language
Mudbura Language
Muduapa Language
Muduga Language
Mufian Language
Mugom Language
Muinane Language
Muji, Northern Language
Muji, Southern Language
Mukha-Dora Language
Muko-Muko Language
Mukulu Language
Mulaha Language
Mulam Language
Mullukmulluk Language
Muluridyi Language
Mum Language
Mumuye Language
Muna Language
Munda Language
Mundabli Language
Mundang Language
Mundani Language
Mundari Language
Mundat Language
Mundurukú Language
Mungaka Language
Munggui Language
Muniche Language
Munit Language
Munji Language
Munkip Language
Munsee Language
Muong language
Muratayak Language
Muria, Eastern Language
Muria, Far Western Language
Muria, Western Language
Murik Language
Murkim Language
Murle Language
Murrinh-Patha Language
Mursi Language
Murupi Language
Muruwari Language
Musak Language
Musan Language
Musar Language
Musasa Language
Musey Language
Musgu Language
Mushungulu Language
Musi Language
Muskogee Language
Muskum Language
Musom Language
Mussau-Emira Language
Muthuvan Language
Mutu Language
Muya Language
Muyang Language
Muyu, North Language
Muyu, South Language
Muyuw Language
Muzi Language
Mvanip Language
Mvuba Language
Mwaghavul Language
Mwan Language
Mwani Language
Mwatebu Language
Mwera (Nyasa) Language
Mwera Language
Mwimbi-Muthambi Language
Mycenaean Greek Language
Myene Language
Mysian Language
Mághdì Language
Mískito Language
Mòoré Language
Mócheno Language
Mündü Language
Māhārāṣṭri Prākrit Language