Languages Beginning With "P"

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Pa Di Language
Pa'a Language
Pa-Hng Language
Paama Language
Paasaal Language
Pacahuara language
Pacoh Language
Padoe Language
Paekche Language
Paelignian Language
Pagi Language
Pagibete Language
Pagu Language
Pahari, Kullu Language
Pahari, Mahasu Language
Pahari-Potwari Language
Pahi Language
Pahlavani Language
Pahlavi Language
Pai Tavytera Language
Paicî Language
Paipai Language
Paiute, Northern Language
Paiwan Language
Pak-Tong Language
Pakanha Language
Pakaásnovos Language
Pakistan Sign Language
Paku Language
Pal Language
Palaic Language
Palauan Language
Palaung, Pale Language
Palaung, Rumai Language
Palaung, Shwe Language
Palawano, Brooke's Point Language
Palawano, Central Language
Palawano, Southwest Language
Palembang Language
Palenquero Language
Pali Language
Palikúr Language
Paliyan Language
Palor Language
Palpa Language
Palu Language
Palu'e Language
Paluan Language
Palumata Language
Palya Bareli Language
Pam Language
Pambia Language
Pame, Central Language
Pame, Northern Language
Pame, Southern Language
Pamlico Language
Pamona Language
Pamosu Language
Pampangan Language
Pana Language
Panamanian Sign Language
Panamint Language
Panang Language
Panasuan Language
Panawa Language
Pancana Language
Panchpargania Language
Pande Language
Pangasinan Language
Pangseng Language
Pangwa Language
Pangwali Language
Panim Language
Paniya Language
Panjabi, Eastern Language
Panjabi, Mirpur Language
Panjabi, Western Language
Pankararé Language
Pankararú Language
Pankhu Language
Pannei Language
Panobo Language
Panytyima Language
Pao Language
Papapana Language
Papar Language
Papasena Language
Papavô Language
Papel Language
Papi Language
Papiamentu Language
Papitalai Language
Papora-Hoanya Language
Papuan Malay Language
Papuma Language
Para Naga Language
Parachi Language
Parakanã Language
Paranan Language
Paranawát Language
Paraujano Language
Parauk Language
Parawen Language
Parbate, Eastern Language
Parbate, Western Language
Pardhan Language
Pardhi Language
Pare Language
Parecís Language
Parenga Language
Parkwa Language
Parsi Language
Parsi-Dari Language
Parthian Language
Parya Language
Pasemah Language
Pashayi, Northeast Language
Pashayi, Northwest Language
Pashayi, Southeast Language
Pashayi, Southwest Language
Pashto, Central Language
Pashto, Northern Language
Pashto, Southern Language
Pasi Language
Patamona Language
Patani Language
Pataxó-Hãhaãi Language
Patep Language
Pathiya Language
Patpatar language
Pattani Language
Paulohi Language
Paumarí Language
Pauri Bareli Language
Pauserna Language
Pawaia Language
Pawnee Language
Paynamar Language
Pe Language
Pear Language
Pech Language
Pecheneg Language
Peere Language
Pei Language
Pekal Language
Pele-Ata Language
Pelende Language
Pemon language
Penan, Eastern Language
Penan, Western Language
Penang Sign Language
Penchal Language
Pendau Language
Penesak Language
Pengo Language
Penrhyn language
Pentlatch language
Perai Language
Pero Language
Persian Language
Persian Sign Language
Peruvian Sign Language
Pesisir, Southern Language
Petats language
Petjo Language
Pfaelzisch Language
Phai Language
Phake Language
Phala Language
Phalura Language
Phana' Language
Phangduwali Language
Phende Language
Philippine Sign Language
Phimbi Language
Phola Language
Pholo Language
Phong-Kniang Language
Phrygian Language
Phu Thai language
Phuan Language
Phudagi Language
Phuie Language
Phula Language
Phuma Language
Phunoi Language
Phuong Language
Phupa Language
Phupha Language
Phuza Language
Piamatsina Language
Piame Language
Piapoco Language
Piaroa Language
Picard Language
Picene, North Language
Picene, South Language
Pictish Language
Pidgin, Cameroon Language
Pidgin, Nigerian Language
Pidgin, Timor Language
Piemontese Language
Pijao Language
Pije Language
Pijin Language
Pilagá Language
Pileni Language
Pima Bajo Language
Pimbwe Language
Pinai-Hagahai Language
Pingelapese language
Pini Language
Pinigura Language
Pinji Language
Pintiini Language
Pintupi-Luritja Language
Pinyin Language
Pipil Language
Pirahã Language
Piratapuyo Language
Pirlatapa Language
Piro Language
Piru Language
Pisabo Language
Piscataway Language
Pisidian Language
Pitcairn-Norfolk Language
Piti Language
Pitjantjatjara Language
Pitta Pitta Language
Piu Language
Piya-Kwonci Language
Plains Indian Sign Language
Plateau Malagasy Language
Plautdietsch Language
Playero Language
Pnar Language
Pochutec Language
Podena Language
Pogolo Language
Pohnpeian language
Pokangá Language
Poke Language
Pokomo, Lower Language
Pokomo, Upper Language
Pol Language
Polabian Language
Polari Language
Polci Language
Polish Language
Polish Sign Language
Polonombauk Language
Pom Language
Pomo, Central Language
Pomo, Eastern Language
Pomo, Northeastern Language
Pomo, Northern Language
Pomo, Southeastern Language
Pomo, Southern Language
Ponam Language
Ponares Language
Pongu Language
Pongyong Language
Ponosakan Language
Pontic Language
Popoloca, Coyotepec Language
Popoloca, Mezontla Language
Popoloca, San Felipe Otlaltepec Language
Popoloca, San Juan Atzingo Language
Popoloca, San Luís Temalacayuca Language
Popoloca, San Marcos Tlalcoyalco Language
Popoloca, Santa Inés Ahuatempan Language
Popoluca, Highland Language
Popoluca, Oluta Language
Popoluca, Sayula Language
Popoluca, Texistepec Language
Poqomam, Central Language
Poqomam, Eastern Language
Poqomam, Southern Language
Poqomchi', Eastern Language
Poqomchi', Western Language
Porohanon Language
Port Sandwich Language
Port Vato Language
Portuguese Language
Portuguese Sign Language
Potawatomi Language
Potiguára Language
Pouye Language
Powari Language
Powhatan Language
Poyanáwa Language
Prasuni Language
Pray 3 Language
Principense Language
Provençal Language
Providencia Sign Language
Prussian Language
Psikye Language
Pu Ko Language
Puari Language
Pubian Language
Puelche Language
Puerto Rican Sign Language
Puinave Language
Pukapuka Language
Pulaar Language
Pulabu Language
Pular Language
Puluwatese Language
Puma Language
Pumi, Northern Language
Pumi, Southern Language
Pumpokol Language
Pumé Language
Punan Aput Language
Punan Bah-Biau Language
Punan Batu 1 Language
Punan Merah Language
Punan Merap Language
Punan Tubu Language
Punic Language
Punu Language
Puoc Language
Puquina Language
Puragi Language
Purari Language
Purepecha Language
Purepecha, Western Highland Language
Puri Language
Purik Language
Purisimeño Language
Puruborá Language
Purum Language
Purum Naga Language
Pushto Language
Putai Language
Putoh Language
Putukwam Language
Puyo Language
Puyo-Paekche Language
Puyuma Language
Pwaamei Language
Pwapwa Language
Pyapun Language
Pyen Language
Pyu (Myanmar) Language
Pyu Language
Páez Language
Pááfang Language
Päri Language
Pémono Language
Pévé Language
Pökoot Language