Languages Beginning With "A"

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A'Tong language
A-Pucikwar Language
Aari Language
Aariya language
Aasáx Language
Abadi Language
Abaga Language
Abai Sungai Language
Abanyom Language
Abar Language
Abau Language
Abaza Language
Abidji Language
Abinomn Language
Abishira Language
Abkhaz Language
Abnaki, Eastern Language
Abnaki, Western Language
Abom Language
Abon Language
Abron Language
Abu Language
Abu' Arapesh Language
Abua Language
Abui Language
Abun Language
Abung Language
Abure Language
Abureni Language
Abé Language
Aceh Language
Achang Language
Ache Language
Acheron Language
Achi', Cubulco Language
Achi', Rabinal Language
Acholi Language
Achterhoeks Language
Achuar-Shiwiar Language
Achumawi Language
Aché Language
Acipa, Eastern Language
Acipa, Western Language
Acroá Language
Adabe language
Adai Language
Adamorobe Sign Language
Adang Language
Adangbe Language
Adap Language
Adele Language
Adhola Language
Adi Language
Adioukrou Language
Adonara Language
Aduge Language
Adyghe Language
Adynyamathanha Language
Adzera Language
Aeka Language
Aekyom Language
Aequian Language
Aer Language
Afade Language
Afar Language
Afghan Sign Language
Afitti Language
Afrihili Language
Afrikaans Language
Afro-Seminole Creole Language
Agarabi Language
Agariya Language
Agatu Language
Agavotaguerra Language
Aghem Language
Aghu Language
Aghu Tharnggalu Language
Aghul Language
Aghwan Language
Agi Language
Agob Language
Agoi Language
Agta, Alabat Island Language
Agta, Camarines Norte Language
Agta, Casiguran Dumagat Language
Agta, Central Cagayan Language
Agta, Dicamay Language
Agta, Dupaninan Language
Agta, Isarog Language
Agta, Mt. Iraya Language
Agta, Mt. Iriga Language
Agta, Remontado Language
Agta, Umiray Dumaget Language
Agta, Villa Viciosa Language
Aguano Language
Aguaruna Language
Aguna Language
Agutaynen Language
Agwagwune Language
Ahanta Language
Ahe Language
Aheu Language
Ahirani Language
Ahom Language
Ahtena Language
Ai-Cham language
Aigon Language
Aiklep Language
Aiku Language
Aimaq language
Aimele Language
Aimol Language
Ainbai Language
Ainu Language
Aiome Language
Airoran Language
Aiton Language
Aizi, Aproumu Language
Aizi, Mobumrin Language
Aizi, Tiagbamrin Language
Aja Language
Ajawa Language
Ajië Language
Ajyíninka Apurucayali Language
Ak Language
Aka Language
Aka-Bea Language
Aka-Bo language
Aka-Cari Language
Aka-Jeru language
Aka-Kede language
Aka-Kol language
Akan Language
Akar-Bale Language
Akaselem Language
Akateko Language
Akawaio Language
Ake Language
Akebu Language
Akei Language
Akeu Language
Akha Language
Akhvakh Language
Aklanon Language
Akolet Language
Akoose Language
Akoye Language
Akpa Language
Akpes Language
Akrukay Language
Akuku Language
Akum Language
Akurio Language
Akwa Language
Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language
Alaba Language
Alabama Language
Alago Language
Alagwa Language
Alak Language
Alamblak Language
Alangan Language
Alanic Language
Alapmunte Language
Alatil Language
Alawa Language
Albanian Language
Albanian, Arbëreshë Language
Albanian, Arvanitika Language
Albanian, Gheg Language
Albanian, Tosk Language
Alege Language
Alekano Language
Aleut Language
Aleut, Mednyj Language
Algerian Sign Language
Algonquin Language
Ali Language
Alladian Language
Allar Language
Alngith Language
Alo Phola Language
Alor Language
Alsea Language
Alta, Northern Language
Alta, Southern Language
Altai, Northern Language
Altai, Southern Language
Alugu Language
Alumu-Tesu Language
Alune Language
Aluo Language
Alur Language
Alutor Language
Alviri-Vidari Language
Alyawarr Language
Ama Language
Amahai Language
Amahuaca Language
Amaimon Language
Amal Language
Amami-Oshima, Northern Language
Amami-Oshima, Southern Language
Amanab Language
Amanayé Language
Amapá Creole Language
Amara Language
Amarag Language
Amarakaeri Language
Amarasi Language
Amba Language
Ambae, East Language
Ambae, West Language
Ambai Language
Ambakich Language
Ambelau Language
Ambele Language
Amblong Language
Ambo Language
Ambrak Language
Ambrym, North Language
Ambrym, Southeast Language
Ambulas Language
Amdang Language
Amele Language
Amerax Language
American Sign Language
Amharic Language
Ami Language
Amikoana Language
Amis Language
Amis, Nataoran Language
Amo Language
Ampanang Language
Amri Karbi Language
Amto language
Amundava Language
Amuzgo, Guerrero Language
Amuzgo, Ipalapa Language
Amuzgo, San Pedro Amuzgos Language
Ana Tinga Dogon Language
Anaang Language
Anakalangu Language
Anal Language
Anam Language
Anambé Language
Anamgura Language
Anasi Language
Ancient Macedonian Language
Ancient North Arabian Language
Ancient Zapotec Language
Andai Language
Andaman Creole Hindi Language
Andaqui Language
Andarum Language
Andegerebinha Language
Andh Language
Andi Language
Andio Language
Andoa Language
Andoque Language
Andra-Hus Language
Aneityum Language
Anem Language
Aneme Wake Language
Anfillo Language
Angaatiha Language
Angal Enen Language
Angal Heneng Language
Angal Language
Angika Language
Anglo-Norman Language
Angloromani language
Angolar Language
Angor Language
Angoram Language
Ani Phowa Language
Anii Language
Animere Language
Anindilyakwa Language
Anjam Language
Ankave Language
Anmatyerre Language
Anor Language
Anserma Language
Ansus language
Antakarinya Language
Antigua and Barbuda Creole English Language
Anu Language
Anuak Language
Anufo Language
Anuki Language
Anus Language
Anuta Language
Anyin Morofo Language
Anyin language
Aoheng Language
Aore Language
Ap Ma Language
Apache, Jicarilla Language
Apache, Kiowa Language
Apache, Lipan Language
Apache, Mescalero-Chiricahua Language
Apache, Western Language
Apalachee Language
Apalaí Language
Apali Language
Apalik Language
Apatani Language
Apiacá Language
Apinayé Language
Apma Language
Apurinã Language
Aputai Language
Aquitanian Language
Arabana Language
Arabela Language
Arabic Language
Arabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken Language
Arabic, Algerian Spoken Language
Arabic, Andalusian Language
Arabic, Babalia Creole Language
Arabic, Baharna Spoken Language
Arabic, Chadian Spoken Language
Arabic, Cypriot Spoken Language
Arabic, Dhofari Spoken Language
Arabic, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Spoken Language
Arabic, Egyptian Spoken Language
Arabic, Gulf Spoken Language
Arabic, Hadrami Spoken Language
Arabic, Hijazi Spoken Language
Arabic, Judeo-Iraqi Language
Arabic, Judeo-Moroccan Language
Arabic, Judeo-Tripolitanian Language
Arabic, Judeo-Tunisian Language
Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni Language
Arabic, Libyan Spoken Language
Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken Language
Arabic, Moroccan Spoken Language
Arabic, Najdi Spoken Language
Arabic, North Levantine Spoken Language
Arabic, North Mesopotamian Spoken Language
Arabic, Omani Spoken Language
Arabic, Sa`idi Spoken Language
Arabic, Sanaani Spoken Language
Arabic, Shihhi Spoken Language
Arabic, South Levantine Spoken Language
Arabic, Standard Language
Arabic, Sudanese Creole Language
Arabic, Sudanese Spoken Language
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni Spoken Language
Arabic, Tajiki Spoken Language
Arabic, Tunisian Spoken Language
Arabic, Uzbeki Spoken Language
Arafundi Language
Aragonese Language
Arakanese Language
Araki Language
Aralle-Tabulahan Language
Aramanik Language
Arammba Language
Aranadan Language
Aranama-Tamique Language
Arandai Language
Araona Language
Arapaho Language
Arapaso Language
Arapesh, Bumbita Language
Arawak Language
Araweté Language
Arawum Language
Arbore Language
Archi Language
Ardhamāgadhī Prākrit Language
Are Language
Areba Language
Arem Language
Argentine Sign Language
Argobba language
Arguni Language
Arhuaco Language
Arhâ Language
Arhö Language
Ari Language
Aribwatsa language
Aribwaung Language
Arifama-Miniafia Language
Arigidi Language
Arikapú Language
Arikara Language
Arikem Language
Arin Language
Aringa Language
Arma Language
Armazic Language
Armenian Language
Armenian Sign Language
Arop-Lukep Language
Arop-Sissano Language
Arosi Language
Arrarnta, Western Language
Arrernte, Eastern Language
Arta Language
Arua Language
Aruamu Language
Aruek Language
Aruop Language
Arutani language
Aruá Language
Arára, Mato Grosso Language
Arára, Pará Language
As Language
Asaro'o Language
Asas Language
Ashe Language
Ashkun Language
Ashtiani Language
Asháninka Language
Ashéninka Pajonal Language
Ashéninka Perené Language
Ashéninka, Pichis Language
Ashéninka, South Ucayali Language
Ashéninka, Ucayali-Yurúa Language
Asilulu Language
Askopan Language
Asmat, Casuarina Coast Language
Asmat, Central Language
Asmat, North Language
Asmat, Yaosakor Language
Asoa Language
Assamese Language
Assan Language
Assangori Language
Assiniboine Language
Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Language
Asturian Language
Asu Language
Asumboa Language
Asuri Language
Asuriní Language
Asuriní, Xingú Language
Ata Language
Atakapa Language
Atampaya Language
Atayal Language
Atemble Language
Athpariya Language
Ati Language
Atikamekw Language
Atohwaim Language
Atong Language
Atorada Language
Atruahí Language
Atsahuaca Language
Atsam Language
Atsugewi Language
Atta, Faire Language
Atta, Pamplona Language
Atta, Pudtol Language
Attapady Kurumba Language
Attié Language
Atuence Language
Au Language
Aukan Language
Aulua Language
Aurá Language
Aushi Language
Aushiri language
Austral Language
Australian Aborigines Sign Language
Australian Sign Language
Austrian Sign Language
Auvergnat Language
Auwe Language
Auye Language
Auyokawa Language
Avar Language
Avatime Language
Avau Language
Avestan Language
Avikam Language
Avokaya Language
Avá-Canoeiro Language
Awa (China) Language
Awa Language
Awa-Cuaiquer Language
Awabakal Language
Awad Bing language
Awadhi Language
Awak Language
Awakateko Language
Awar Language
Awara Language
Awbono Language
Awera Language
Awetí Language
Awing Language
Awiyaana Language
Awjilah language
Awngi Language
Awtuw Language
Awun Language
Awutu Language
Awyi Language
Awyu, Asue Language
Awyu, Central Language
Awyu, North Language
Awyu, South Language
Axamb Language
Ayabadhu Language
Ayere Language
Ayi (Papua New Guinea) Language
Ayi language
Ayiwo Language
Ayizi Language
Aymara Language
Aymara, Central Language
Aymara, Southern Language
Ayoreo language
Ayta, Abenlen Language
Ayta, Ambala Language
Ayta, Bataan Language
Ayta, Mag-Anchi Language
Ayta, Mag-Indi Language
Ayta, Sorsogon Language
Ayta, Tayabas Language
Ayu Language
Azerbaijani Language
Azerbaijani, North Language
Azerbaijani, South Language
Azha Language