Languages Beginning With "I"

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I-Wak Language
Iaai language
Iamalele Language
Iapama Language
Iatmul Language
Iau language
Ibaloi Language
Iban Language
Ibanag Language
Ibani Language
Ibatan Language
Iberian Language
Ibibio Language
Ibilo Language
Ibino Language
Ibu Language
Ibuoro Language
Icelandic Language
Icelandic Sign Language
Iceve-Maci Language
Ida'an Language
Idakho-Isukha-Tiriki Language
Idaté Language
Idere Language
Idesa Language
Idi Language
Ido Language
Idoma Language
Idon Language
Idu-Mishmi Language
Idun Language
Iduna Language
Ifo Language
Ifugao, Amganad Language
Ifugao, Batad Language
Ifugao, Mayoyao Language
Ifugao, Tuwali Language
Ifè Language
Igala Language
Igana Language
Igbo Language
Igede Language
Ignaciano Language
Igo Language
Iguta Language
Igwe Language
Iha Based Pidgin Language
Iha Language
Ihievbe Language
Ija-Zuba Language
Ijo, Southeast Language
Ik Language
Ika Language
Ikizu Language
Iko Language
Ikobi-Mena Language
Ikoma Language
Ikpeng Language
Ikpeshi Language
Ikposo Language
Iku-Gora-Ankwa Language
Ikulu Language
Ikwere Language
Ila Language
Ile Ape Language
Ili Turki Language
Ili'uun Language
Illyrian Language
Ilocano Language
Ilongot Language
Ilue Language
Imbongu Language
Imeraguen Language
Imonda Language
Imroing Language
Inabaknon Language
Inapang Language
Indian Sign Language
Indo-Portuguese Language
Indonesian Language
Indonesian Sign Language
Indonesian, Peranakan Language
Indri Language
Indus Valley Language Language
Inebu One Language
Ineseño Language
Inga Language
Inga, Jungle Language
Ingrian Language
Ingush Language
Inoke-Yate Language
Inonhan Language
Inor Language
Interglossa Language
Interlingua Language
Interlingue Language
International Sign Language
Intha Language
Inuktitut Language
Inuktitut, Eastern Canadian Language
Inuktitut, Greenlandic Language
Inuktitut, Western Canadian Language
Inupiaq Language
Inupiatun, North Alaskan Language
Inupiatun, Northwest Alaska Language
Iowa-Oto Language
Ipeka-Tapuia Language
Ipiko Language
Ipili Language
Ipulo Language
Iquito Language
Ir Language
Iranun Language
Iraqw Language
Irarutu Language
Iraya Language
Iresim Language
Irigwe Language
Irish Sign Language
Irula Language
Irántxe Language
Isabi Language
Isanzu Language
Isconahua Language
Isebe Language
Isekiri Language
Isinai Language
Isirawa Language
Islander Creole English Language
Isnag Language
Isoko Language
Israeli Sign Language
Istriot Language
Isu Language
Italian Language
Italian Sign Language
Itawit Language
Itelmen Language
Itene Language
Iteri language
Itik Language
Itneg, Adasen Language
Itneg, Binongan Language
Itneg, Inlaod Language
Itneg, Maeng Language
Itneg, Masadiit Language
Ito Language
Itonama Language
Itu Mbon Uzo Language
Itutang Language
Itza' Language
Iu Mien Language
Ivatan Language
Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe Language
Iwaidja Language
Iwal Language
Iwam language
Iwam, Sepik Language
Iwur Language
Ixcatec Language
Ixil, Chajul Language
Ixil, Nebaj Language
Ixil, San Juan Cotzal Language
Iyayu Language
Iyive Language
Iyo Language
Izere Language
Izi-Ezaa-Ikwo-Mgbo Language
Izon Language
Izora Language
Iñapari Language