Languages Beginning With "R"

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Rabha Language
Rade Language
Rahambuu Language
Rajasthani Language
Rajbangsi language
Rajbanshi Language
Raji Language
Rajong Language
Rakahanga-Manihiki language
Rakhine Language
Ralte Language
Rama Language
Ramoaaina Language
Ramopa Language
Rampi Language
Ranau Language
Rang Language
Rangkas Language
Ranglong Language
Rangpuri Language
Rao Language
Rapa Language
Rapa Nui Language
Rapoisi Language
Rapting Language
Rarotongan Language
Rasawa Language
Ratagnon Language
Ratahan Language
Rathawi Language
Raute Language
Ravula Language
Rawa Language
Rawang Language
Rawas Language
Rawat Language
Rawo Language
Razajerdi Language
Reel Language
Rejang language
Reli Language
Rema Language
Rembarunga Language
Rembong Language
Remo Language
Rempi Language
Remun Language
Rendille Language
Rengao language
Rennell-Belona Language
Rennellese Sign Language
Repanbitip Language
Rer Bare Language
Rerau Language
Rerep Language
Reshe Language
Resígaro Language
Retta Language
Reyesano Language
Riang Language
Riantana Language
Ribun Language
Rien Language
Rikbaktsa Language
Ringgou Language
Ririo Language
Ritarungo Language
Riung Language
Roglai, Cacgia Language
Roglai, Northern Language
Roglai, Southern Language
Rogo Language
Rohingya Language
Roma Language
Romagnol Language
Romam Language
Romani, Balkan Language
Romani, Baltic Language
Romani, Carpathian Language
Romani, Kalo Finnish Language
Romani, Sinte Language
Romani, Tavringer Language
Romani, Vlax Language
Romani, Welsh Language
Romanian Language
Romanian Sign Language
Romanian, Istro Language
Romanian, Macedo Language
Romanian, Megleno Language
Romano-Greek Language
Romano-Serbian Language
Romanova Language
Romansch Language
Romany Language
Romblomanon Language
Rombo Language
Romkun Language
Ron Language
Ronga Language
Rongga Language
Rongpo Language
Ronji Language
Roon Language
Roria Language
Rotokas Language
Rotuman Language
Roviana language
Rudbari Language
Rufiji Language
Ruga Language
Rukai Language
Ruli Language
Ruma Language
Rumu Language
Runa Language
Rundi Language
Runga Language
Rungus Language
Rungwa Language
Russian Language
Russian Sign Language
Rusyn Language
Rutul language
Ruund Language
Rwa Language
Rwanda Language
Réunion Creole French Language