Languages Beginning With "K"

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K'iche', Central Language
K'iche', Cunén Language
K'iche', Eastern Language
K'iche', Joyabaj Language
K'iche', San Andrés Language
K'iche', West Central Language
Kaamba Language
Kaan Language
Kaansa Language
Kaba Deme Language
Kaba Language
Kaba Na Language
Kabalai Language
Kabardian Language
Kabatei Language
Kabixí Language
Kabiyé Language
Kabola Language
Kabore One Language
Kabras Language
Kaburi Language
Kabutra Language
Kabuverdianu Language
Kabwa Language
Kabwari Language
Kabyle Language
Kachama-Ganjule Language
Kachari Language
Kachchi Language
Kacipo-Balesi Language
Kaco' Language
Kadai Language
Kadar Language
Kadara Language
Kadaru Language
Kadazan, Coastal Language
Kadazan, Klias River Language
Kadazan, Labuk-Kinabatangan Language
Kadiwéu Language
Kado Language
Kaduo Language
Kafa Language
Kafoa Language
Kag-Fer-Jiir-Koor-Ror-Us-Zuksun Language
Kagate Language
Kagayanen Language
Kagoma Language
Kagoro Language
Kagulu Language
Kahayan Language
Kahe Language
Kahua language
Kaian Language
Kaibobo Language
Kaidipang Language
Kaiep Language
Kaikadi Language
Kaike Language
Kaiku Language
Kaili, Da'a Language
Kaili, Ledo Language
Kaimbulawa Language
Kaimbé Language
Kaingáng Language
Kaingáng, São Paulo Language
Kairak Language
Kairiru Language
Kairui-Midiki Language
Kais Language
Kaivi Language
Kaiwá Language
Kaiy Language
Kajakse Language
Kajali Language
Kajaman Language
Kakabai Language
Kakabe Language
Kakanda Language
Kakauhua Language
Kaki Ae Language
Kakihum Language
Kako Language
Kakwa Language
Kala Lagaw Ya Language
Kalabakan Language
Kalabari Language
Kalabra Language
Kalagan Language
Kalagan, Kagan Language
Kalagan, Tagakaulu Language
Kalaktang Monpa Language
Kalam Language
Kalami Language
Kalamsé Language
Kalanadi Language
Kalanga Language
Kalao Language
Kalapuya Language
Kalapuya, Northern Language
Kalapuya, Southern Language
Kalarko Language
Kalasha Language
Kalenjin Language
Kalinga, Butbut Language
Kalinga, Limos Language
Kalinga, Lower Tanudan Language
Kalinga, Lubuagan Language
Kalinga, Mabaka Valley Language
Kalinga, Madukayang Language
Kalinga, Southern Language
Kalinga, Upper Tanudan Language
Kalispel-Pend D'oreille Language
Kalkoti Language
Kalkutung Language
Kallahan, Kayapa Language
Kallahan, Keley-I Language
Kallahan, Tinoc Language
Kalmyk-Oirat Language
Kalou Language
Kaluli Language
Kalumpang Language
Kam Language
Kamakan Language
Kamang Language
Kamano Language
Kamantan Language
Kamar Language
Kamara Language
Kamarian Language
Kamaru Language
Kamas Language
Kamasa Language
Kamasau Language
Kamayo Language
Kamayurá Language
Kamba Language
Kambaata Language
Kambaira Language
Kambera Language
Kamberau Language
Kambiwá Language
Kami Language
Kamo Language
Kamoro Language
Kamu Language
Kamula Language
Kamviri Language
Kamwe Language
Kanakanabu Language
Kanamarí Language
Kanashi Language
Kanasi Language
Kanauji language
Kandas Language
Kandawo Language
Kande Language
Kanembu Language
Kang Language
Kanga Language
Kangean language
Kanggape Language
Kangjia Language
Kango Language
Kangri Language
Kaniet Language
Kanikkaran Language
Kaningdon-Nindem Language
Kaningi Language
Kaningra Language
Kaninuwa Language
Kanite Language
Kanjari Language
Kanju Language
Kankanaey Language
Kankanay, Northern Language
Kannada Language
Kanowit Language
Kanoé Language
Kansa Language
Kantosi Language
Kanu Language
Kanufi Language
Kanum, Bädi Language
Kanum, Ngkâlmpw Language
Kanum, Smärky Language
Kanum, Sota Language
Kanuri Language
Kanuri, Central Language
Kanuri, Manga Language
Kanuri, Tumari Language
Kanyok Language
Kao Language
Kaonde language
Kapin Language
Kapinawá Language
Kapingamarangi Language
Kapori Language
Kapriman Language
Kaptiau Language
Kapya Language
Kaqchikel, Akatenango Southwestern Language
Kaqchikel, Central Language
Kaqchikel, Eastern Language
Kaqchikel, Northern Language
Kaqchikel, Santa María de Jesús Language
Kaqchikel, Santo Domingo Xenacoj Language
Kaqchikel, South Central Language
Kaqchikel, Southern Language
Kaqchikel, Western Language
Kaqchikel, Yepocapa Southwestern Language
Kaqchikel-K'iche' Mixed Language
Kara (Korea) Language
Kara Language
Karaboro, Eastern Language
Karaboro, Western Language
Karachay-Balkar Language
Karadjeri Language
Karagas Language
Karahawyana Language
Karaim Language
Karajá Language
Karakalpak Language
Karakhanid Language
Karami Language
Karamojong Language
Karang Language
Karanga Language
Karankawa Language
Karao Language
Karas Language
Karata Language
Karawa Language
Karbi Language
Kare Language
Karekare Language
Karelian Language
Karen, Brek Language
Karen, Bwe Language
Karen, Geba Language
Karen, Geko Language
Karen, Lahta Language
Karen, Manumanaw Language
Karen, Pa'o Language
Karen, Paku Language
Karen, Phrae Pwo Language
Karen, Pwo Eastern Language
Karen, Pwo Northern Language
Karen, Pwo Western Language
Karen, S'gaw Language
Karen, Yinbaw Language
Karen, Yintale Language
Karen, Zayein Language
Karey Language
Kari Language
Karingani Language
Karipuná Language
Karipúna Creole French Language
Karipúna Language
Karirí-Xocó Language
Karitiâna Language
Kariya Language
Kariyarra Language
Karkar-Yuri Language
Karkin Language
Karko Language
Karnai Language
Karo Language
Karok Language
Karolanos Language
Karon Dori Language
Karon Language
Karore language
Kasanga Language
Kasem Language
Kashaya language
Kashmiri Language
Kashubian Language
Kasiguranin Language
Kaska Language
Kaskean Language
Kasseng Language
Kasua Language
Kataang Language
Katabaga Language
Katawixi Language
Katbol Language
Katcha-Kadugli-Miri Language
Kathu Language
Kati Language
Katingan Language
Katkari Language
Katla Language
Kato Language
Katso Language
Katu, Eastern Language
Katu, Western Language
Katua Language
Katukína Language
Katukína, Panoan Language
Kaulong language
Kaur Language
Kaure Language
Kaurna Language
Kauwera Language
Kavalan Language
Kawacha Language
Kawaiisu Language
Kawe Language
Kawi Language
Kaxararí Language
Kaxuiâna Language
Kayabí Language
Kayagar Language
Kayah, Eastern Language
Kayah, Western Language
Kayan Language
Kayan Mahakam Language
Kayan, Baram Language
Kayan, Busang Language
Kayan, Kayan River Language
Kayan, Mendalam Language
Kayan, Murik Language
Kayan, Rejang Language
Kayan, Wahau Language
Kayapó Language
Kayardild Language
Kayeli Language
Kayong Language
Kayort Language
Kaytetye Language
Kayu Agung Language
Kayupulau Language
Kazakh Language
Kazukuru Language
Ke'o Language
Keak Language
Keapara Language
Kedang Language
Keder Language
Kehu Language
Kei Language
Keiga Language
Kein Language
Keiyo Language
Kela Language
Kelabit Language
Kele Language
Keliko Language
Kelo Language
Kelon Language
Kemak Language
Kembayan Language
Kemberano Language
Kembra Language
Kemezung language
Kemiehua Language
Kemtuik Language
Kenati Language
Kendayan Language
Kendeje Language
Kendem Language
Kenga Language
Keningau Murut Language
Keninjal Language
Kensiu Language
Kenswei Nsei Language
Kenuzi-Dongola Language
Kenyah, Bahau River Language
Kenyah, Bakung Language
Kenyah, Kayan River Language
Kenyah, Kelinyau Language
Kenyah, Mahakam Language
Kenyah, Sebob Language
Kenyah, Tutoh Language
Kenyah, Upper Baram Language
Kenyah, Wahau Language
Kenyah, Western Language
Kenyan Sign Language
Kenyang Language
Kenyi Language
Kepkiriwát Language
Kepo' Language
Kera Language
Kerak Language
Kereho-Uheng Language
Kerek Language
Keres, Eastern Language
Keres, Western Language
Kerewe Language
Kerewo Language
Kerinci Language
Kesawai Language
Ket Language
Ketangalan Language
Kete Language
Ketengban Language
Ketum Language
Keuru Language
Kewa, East Language
Kewa, West Language
Keyagana Language
Kgalagadi Language
Khakas Language
Khalaj language
Khalaj, Turkic Language
Khaling Language
Kham, Gamale Language
Kham, Sheshi Language
Khamba Language
Khamti Language
Khamyang Language
Khana Language
Khandesi Language
Khanty Language
Khao Language
Kharam Naga Language
Kharia Language
Kharia Thar language
Khasi Language
Khayo Language
Khazar Language
Khe Language
Khehek Language
Khengkha Language
Khetrani Language
Khiamniungan Naga Language
Khinalugh Language
Khirwar Language
Khisa Language
Khlor Language
Khlula Language
Khmer, Central Language
Khmer, Northern Language
Khmu language
Kho'ini Language
Kholok Language
Khorasani Turkish Language
Khorezmian Language
Khotanese Language
Khowar Language
Khua Language
Khuen Language
Khunsari Language
Khvarshi Language
Kháng Language
Khün Language
Kibet Language
Kibiri Language
Kickapoo Language
Kikai Language
Kilivila Language
Kiliwa Language
Kilmeri Language
Kim Language
Kim Mun language
Kimaama Language
Kimaragang Language
Kimbu Language
Kimki Language
Kimré Language
Kinabatangan, Upper Language
Kinalakna Language
Kinaray-A Language
Kinga Language
Kinnauri Language
Kinnauri, Bhoti Language
Kinnauri, Chitkuli Language
Kinnauri, Harijan Language
Kintaq Language
Kinuku Language
Kioko Language
Kiong Language
Kiorr Language
Kiowa Language
Kipsigis Language
Kiput Language
Kir-Balar Language
Kire Language
Kirghiz Language
Kiribati Language
Kirike Language
Kirikiri Language
Kirmanjki Language
Kis Language
Kisa Language
Kisankasa Language
Kisar Language
Kisi Language
Kisi, Southern Language
Kissi, Northern Language
Kistane Language
Kitan Language
Kitja Language
Kitsai Language
Kituba Language
Kiwai, Northeast Language
Kiwai, Southern Language
Klamath-Modoc Language
Klao language
Knaanic Language
Ko Language
Koalib Language
Koasati Language
Koba Language
Kobiana Language
Kobol Language
Kobon Language
Koch Language
Koda Language
Kodagu Language
Kodeoha Language
Kodi Language
Kodia Language
Koenoem Language
Kofa language
Kofei Language
Kofyar Language
Koguryo Language
Kohin Language
Kohistani, Indus Language
Koho Language
Kohoroxitari Language
Kohumono Language
Koi Language
Koiali, Mountain Language
Koiari, Grass Language
Koibal Language
Koireng Language
Koitabu Language
Koiwat Language
Kok Borok Language
Kokata Language
Koke Language
Kokoda Language
Kokola Language
Kokota Language
Kol Language
Kol language
Kola Language
Kolami, Northwestern Language
Kolami, Southeastern Language
Kolbila Language
Koli, Kachi Language
Koli, Parkari Language
Koli, Wadiyara Language
Kolom Language
Kolum So Dogon Language
Koluwawa Language
Kom Language
Koma Language
Komba Language
Kombai Language
Kombio Language
Komering Language
Komi Language
Komi-Permyak Language
Komi-Zyrian Language
Kominimung Language
Komo Language
Komodo Language
Kompane Language
Komso Language
Komyandaret Language
Kon Keu Language
Konai Language
Konda Language
Konda-Dora Language
Koneraw Language
Kongo Language
Kongo, San Salvador Language
Konjo Language
Konjo, Coastal Language
Konjo, Highland Language
Konkani (macrolanguage) Language
Konkani language
Konkani, Goanese Language
Konkomba Language
Konni Language
Kono (Guinea) Language
Kono Language
Konomala Language
Konongo Language
Koongo Language
Koonzime Language
Koorete Language
Kopar Language
Kopkaka Language
Korafe Language
Koraga, Korra Language
Koraga, Mudu Language
Korak Language
Koraku Language
Korana Language
Korandje Language
Korean Language
Korean Sign Language
Koreguaje Language
Koresh-e Rostam Language
Korku Language
Korlai Creole Portuguese Language
Koro Language
Koromfé Language
Koromira Language
Koroni Language
Korop Language
Koropó Language
Koroshi Language
Korowai Language
Korowai, North Language
Korubo Language
Korupun-Sela Language
Korwa Language
Koryak Language
Kosadle Language
Kosena Language
Koshin Language
Kosraean language
Kota Language
Kota Marudu Talantang Language
Kota Marudu Tinagas Language
Kotava Language
Koti Language
Kott Language
Kouya Language
Kovai Language
Kove Language
Kowaki Language
Kowiai Language
Koy Sanjaq Surat Language
Koya language
Koyaga Language
Koyo Language
Koyukon Language
Kpagua Language
Kpala Language
Kpan Language
Kpasam Language
Kpati Language
Kpatili Language
Kpelle Language
Kpelle, Guinea Language
Kpelle, Liberia Language
Kpessi Language
Kplang Language
Krache Language
Krahn, Eastern Language
Krahn, Western Language
Krahô Language
Kraol Language
Kravet Language
Kreen-Akarore Language
Krenak Language
Krevinian Language
Kreye Language
Krikati-Timbira Language
Krim Language
Krio Language
Kriol Language
Krisa Language
Krobu Language
Krongo Language
Kru'ng 2 Language
Krui Language
Krumen, Plapo Language
Krumen, Pye Language
Krumen, Tepo Language
Kryts Language
Kua Language
Kuan Language
Kuanhua Language
Kuanua Language
Kube Language
Kubi Language
Kubo Language
Kubu Language
Kucong Language
Kudiya Language
Kudmali Language
Kudu-Camo Language
Kugama Language
Kugbo Language
Kui Language
Kuijau Language
Kuikúro-Kalapálo Language
Kujarge Language
Kuk Language
Kukatja Language
Kukele Language
Kukna Language
Kuku-Mangk Language
Kuku-Mu'inh Language
Kuku-Muminh Language
Kuku-Ugbanh Language
Kuku-Uwanh Language
Kuku-Yalanji Language
Kula Language
Kulango, Bondoukou Language
Kulango, Bouna Language
Kulere Language
Kulfa Language
Kulina Pano Language
Kulisusu Language
Kulon-Pazeh Language
Kulung Language
Kumak Language
Kumalu Language
Kumam Language
Kuman (Russia) Language
Kuman Language
Kumarbhag Paharia language
Kumauni Language
Kumba Language
Kumbainggar Language
Kumbaran Language
Kumbewaha Language
Kumhali Language
Kumiai Language
Kumukio Language
Kumyk Language
Kumzari Language
Kuna, Border Language
Kuna, San Blas Language
Kunama Language
Kunbarlang Language
Kunda Language
Kunduvadi Language
Kunfal Language
Kung-Ekoka Language
Kungarakany Language
Kunggara Language
Kunggari Language
Kuni Language
Kuni-Boazi Language
Kunigami Language
Kunimaipa Language
Kunja Language
Kunjen Language
Kunyi Language
Kunza Language
Kuo Language
Kuot language
Kupa Language
Kupia Language
Kupsabiny Language
Kur Language
Kura Ede Nago Language
Kurama Language
Kuranko Language
Kurdish Language
Kurdish, Central Language
Kurdish, Northern Language
Kurdish, Southern Language
Kuri Language
Kuria Language
Kurichiya Language
Kurmukar Language
Kurrama Language
Kurti Language
Kurtokha Language
Kurudu Language
Kurumba Language
Kurumba, Alu Language
Kurumba, Betta Language
Kurumba, Jennu Language
Kurumba, Mullu Language
Kurux Language
Kurux, Nepali Language
Kuruáya Language
Kusaal language
Kusaghe language
Kushi Language
Kuskokwim, Upper Language
Kusu Language
Kusunda Language
Kutenai language
Kutep Language
Kuthant Language
Kutto Language
Kutu Language
Kuturmi Language
Kuuku-Ya'u Language
Kuvi Language
Kuwaa Language
Kuwaataay Language
Kuy language
Kw'adza Language
Kwa Language
Kwa' Language
Kwaami Language
Kwadi language
Kwaio Language
Kwaja Language
Kwak Language
Kwakiutl language
Kwakum Language
Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanai Language
Kwama Language
Kwambi Language
Kwamera Language
Kwami Language
Kwamtim One Language
Kwang Language
Kwangali Language
Kwanja Language
Kwanyama Language
Kwara'ae Language
Kwato Language
Kwaya Language
Kwaza Language
Kwegu Language
Kwer Language
Kwerba Language
Kwerba Mamberamo Language
Kwere Language
Kwerisa Language
Kwese Language
Kwesten Language
Kwini Language
Kwinsu Language
Kwinti Language
Kwoma Language
Kwomtari Language
Kxoe language
Kyak Language
Kyaka Language
Kyenele Language
Kyenga Language
Kyerung Language
Kâte Language
Kélé Language
Kölsch Language